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This is a free, online wikibook, so the content is continually being updated and refined. According to the authors, "This... see more

This book, viz. “Applied Thermodynamics: Software solutions – Vapor compression refrigeration cycles” is a supplement to... see more

engrXiv (engineering preprints archive) is dedicated to the dissemination of engineering knowledge. engrXiv utilizes the... see more

Online calculator that predicts heat transfer from natural convection rectangular heat sinks. The online model... see more

Collection of online tools for solving problems related to thermal analysis. Includes conduction, convection, and... see more

This course studies the fundamentals of how the design and operation of internal combustion engines affect their... see more

University Library of Regensburg offers the "Electronic Journals Library," which contains over 25,000 titles, of which... see more

Online calculator that simulates the performance of a laboratory shock tube. User input includes information about both... see more

Online calculator that uses an equation to simulate the familiar Moody Diagram for determining friction factors for flows... see more

A weblog of news and views of interest to international community of Applied Mechanics, maintained by volunteers.

This website describes the work of the Dutch physicist, Theo Jansen, in designing a "new nature" or walking beach... see more

MIT OCW is a large scale, web-based electronic publishing initiative whose goals are to : Provide free, searchable access... see more

Don't just convert units, solve the entire problem using any units. DimensionEngine is an online engineering calculator... see more

Tom Magliozzi has a problem. The wacky cohost of NPR's Car Talk needs to replace his beloved 1952 MG roadster. But in... see more

'A good knowledge of Fluid mechanics is essential for Chemical, Mechanical and Civil engineers. As a result it is taught... see more

'A First Course on Aerodynamics is designed to introduce the basics of aerodynamics to the unfamiliar reader. This text... see more

Otto von Guericke (November 20, 1602 – May 11, 1686) was a German scientist, inventor, and politician. His major... see more

This book deals with two chapters: Psychrometrics and Reactive systems. Under Psychrometrics, which is the study of... see more

Fundamental concepts; Properties of gases and vapours; Laws of thermodynamics and their corollaries. Non-flow and flow... see more

Blaise Pascal (19 June 1623 – 19 August 1662) was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Christian... see more

Calculator Edge is an outstanding free online website for Engineers/Engineering students worldwide (translation in 12... see more

This tells the story of how a mechanical engineer designed and built a functioning bicycle out of cardboard.

This is a free textbook from BookBoon. 'The book covers the basic aspects of linear single loop feedback control theory.... see more

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Breve descripción de términos técnicos y conceptos que deben usar los Técnicos en Monaje Industrial.-