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Site discussing the linking of psychology to the church in hopes of preventing and/or treating molestation by priests.... see more

This Open Educational Resource Textbook is designed to be a comprehensive coverage of Psychopathology and Abnormal... see more

Collection of links related to drug use and abuse.

An artificial intelligence interactive demonstration of humanistic psychology.

Counsellors provide a valuable assistance to those in emotional need when people have issues that they need to learn to... see more

As described on its homepage, "PSYCLINE's Article Locator gives you an easy to use interface to article databases on the... see more

Alcohol withdrawals occur after a period of alcohol abuse. Find out the causes, symptoms, and treatments for these... see more

It is normal to experience anxiety sometimes. But when anxiety starts to take over your life, it's time to get help.... see more

Learn about the Different Anxiety Disorder Types and their Risk Factors and Causes. Discover Treatment Options and... see more

Prescription benzodiazepines treat anxiety, but at what cost? Learn about their uses, dangers, withdrawal symptoms, and... see more

Learn about Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (AKA protracted withdrawals) and how they can affect recovering addicts of... see more

Learn how you can support a loved one with Bipolar Disorder from our Laguna Beach recovery treatment center New Leaf... see more