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This is a two-page document that indicates data from SUNY regarding OER use. Open Educational Resources (OER) are... see more

The OER Policy Development Tool supports institutions in formulating a OER Policy Mission Statement to be adopted and... see more

As open education resources (OER) advocates and individuals engaged in supporting the curation and creation of OER, the... see more

This starter kit has been created to provide instructors with an introduction to the use and creation of open educational... see more

For students, the high cost of educational resources and textbooks can be a serious obstacle to the accessibility and... see more

Open Educational Resources (OER) provide equal access to resources at no cost to students. This toolkit provides... see more

The "OER Toolkit for Trades Instructors: Adopting an Open Education Resource & Integrating it into a Trades Course"... see more

OERigin Stories features oral histories of six women of color working in Open Education reflecting on how they became... see more

This is a webinar presentation that will: Define and give an overview of the benefits and challenges of open educational... see more

A need to reduce course material costs sparked a project fueled by two epiphanies: students need access to free content,... see more

A need to reduce course material costs sparked a project fueled by two epiphanies: students need access to free content,... see more

While the rapid growth of Open Access has seen an expansion in the availability of scholarly articles, it has also... see more

Open At The Margins: Critical Perspectives on Open Education is a pertinent book on Open Education, "containing 38... see more

This 21-minute presentation helps you find out what OER’s are, how they work, benefits and considerations in using OER’s... see more

This is a graphic that can be used in a workshop on OERs. It explains what OERs are and how they are used at Northern... see more

This is a policy document concerned with using OER at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Alberta, CA). This... see more

This site is an indexed collection of conversations from the CCCOER listserve where questions have been asked about OER... see more

This is a presentation explaining the need to use more open educational resources in the classroom as opposed to... see more

Open Pedagogy is a collection of open practices in the classroom made possible by replacing commercial textbooks with... see more

These are the guidelines suggested by BC Campus for evaluating online textbooks.

This Pressbooks Guide does not replicate information provided by the Pressbooks Userguide published by see more

The Print-on-Demand Guide is a practical manual on the what, why, and how of creating a bound, printed copy of any openly... see more

Penelope Pincher and the Search for Affordable Content will take you on a journey through your options for delivering... see more

This handout provides three reasons to use OERs: Improve student learning Increase access to teaching and learning... see more