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Theories and models about self-regulated learning are important to educators attempting to understand why some learners... see more

This study examined student opinions and preferences regarding the impact of six varied instructional strategies in an... see more

Description centers on an approach for efficiently incorporating online media resources into course and classroom.... see more

At the most simplistic level, blended learning involves collaboration between the delivery of resources online and what... see more

Connections are drawn between the development of intercultural sensitivity, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and... see more

Abstract: Online learning is now widely recognized and accepted as a viable alternative to face-to-face teaching. It has... see more

JTATE serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher education.... see more

A research study was conducted to determine if required participation in group assignments impacted learning outcomes in... see more

LIS Scholarship Archive (LISSA) is a free, open access preprints service for Library & Information Sciences and allied... see more

Micro-level instructional design refers to the practice of designing and producing small units of instruction. At the... see more

The past decade has witnessed the widespread perfusion of the world-wide web throughout western culture. Ten years ago it... see more

The popularity of video games carries implications in game players' first (L1) and second language (L2) literacy. Based... see more

This article addresses the administrative issue of achieving satisfactory enrollment numbers in order to avoid canceling... see more

Emotional Intelligence has made a significant contribution to effective leadership, becoming one of the key... see more

Instructors who design online courses have an opportunity to develop assessments to monitor students' progress toward... see more

The need to develop online educational opportunities for public health professionals has been clearly documented... see more

In 2005, the Illinois Community Colleges Online (ILCCO) conducted a survey of faculty, staff, and students in order to... see more

How do students prepare to succeed in an online learning environment? This research project examines the effectiveness of... see more

Expansion of online teaching and learning has fostered the creation of numerous standards and frameworks to evaluate and... see more

The National Defence University Malaysia (NDUM) Kuala Lumpur provides an undergraduate education to the future officers... see more

Students and employers laud distance education for its usefulness in overcoming obstacles like location and family and... see more

Universities have long experimented with different learning environments to accommodate the needs of their students.... see more

Because online learning is still relatively new to most institutions, many students consider online courses easier than... see more

Online learning platforms with asynchronous discussion boards provide such a different setting from traditional... see more