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This assignment exposes students to data on economic growth and development as commonly measured by per capita GDP and... see more

Computer assisted learning is a collection of experimentation and simulation using computer software packages such as... see more

This simulation demonstrates a cooperative learning game in which the participant plays against the computer by choosing... see more

This site includes ten Excel spreadsheets, each with a worksheet in Microsoft Word format, covering topics which include... see more

This link provides a daily update for events that impact economics. Several lessons are provided that concern the week's... see more

Promotes knowledge sharing by providing access to fulltext documents across a wide range of development topics. Also... see more

This is the instructional deisgn plan for an elearning module about Doing Business in Africa. The module was created for... see more

'As you may have learned, economics is all about making wise choices as citizens, workers, and consumers.  The Econ Ed... see more

EconGuy presents short, engaging videos on a variety of timely Economics topics.  Subjects include Immigration, the Debt... see more

This textbook offers a simple survey over the most basic concepts that are studied within introductory courses in... see more

This site from PBS contains profiles of economic architects from Adam Smith to Margaret Thatcher. In some cases selected... see more

This site has a lot of supplemental information for a beginning Economics class. It is designed to accompany a number of... see more

'Economics A-Z is adapted from "Essential Economics", by Matthew Bishop- Bloomberg Press.'  It is a very comprehensive... see more

This resource provides a primer on basic economics, with the following topics: Introduction What Is Economics? Production... see more

To get a quick review of the Elasticity Concept in Microeconomics, this page provides a short readings and lecture... see more

Elasticity = Responsiveness: the elasticity of demand tells us how much the quantity demanded changes when the price... see more

Over 16,000 full text, abstracted development-oriented documents are available from Eldis. Documents are of... see more

The Puerto Rico Online Encyclopedia (PROE) is an educational project of the Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades... see more

This site contains Video Essays that were excerpted from the PBS broadcast series Commanding Heights - The Battle For The... see more

Federal budget data are obtained from the Public Budget Database of the White House Office of Management and Budget.... see more

Extracting Real Estate Specific Indices from the Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED)

This website provides FREE access to over 1,680,833 economic and financial data series. One must register to use the data... see more

It presents a solution algorithm for a large class of problems with linear constraints and a continuous objective... see more

This is a series of 300 photographs that depict life in other countries. From the perspective of economics, they... see more