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The document provides an overview of MERLOT's Academic Efficiencies strategy. It describes how MERLOT can be used to... see more

Participants in the Workforce Development Intiative reviewed their priorities and we developed an action plan for the... see more

This worksheet provides you an example and an outline for developing a project briefing for a MERLOT partners' plan for... see more

This document provides an overview of the MERLOT Teaching Commons which is a Contribute website with MERLOT services... see more

Gerry Hanley's PowerPoint presentation to the MERLOT Project Directors, Editorial Boards, and Advisory Board at MERLOT's... see more

This planning worksheet provides an example and guidelines for drafting a project summary and assessing your campus'... see more

The 2007-2008 Participation Agreement for New Campus Partners provides the list of services MERLOT will provide the... see more

The document compiles summary reports of the projects MERLOT partners are conducting with their K-12 Partners.

There is a significant and growing need for many institutions of higher education to develop and deliver high quality... see more

The PowerPoint slides provide an overview of why the CSU is leading the Digital Marketplace Initiative, describes the... see more

materials for discussion in ELIXR session of mid-year meeting, San Diego 2006 [part 2 of 2] - 6 PPT slides describing... see more

Materials for ELIXR session at mid year meeting 06 - one page overview of the ELIXR project - two page offer to faculty... see more

Materials for ELIXR session at mid year meeting 06 - one page overview of the ELIXR project - two page offer to faculty... see more

This is a compilation of the rubrics that were submitted for the Classics Award winners this year. These will be used in... see more

This spreadsheet shows the total productivity of each of the Editorial Boards as well as the total for all Editorial... see more

This handbook serves as a policy and procedures manual for the Workforce Development Taskforce Members. It includes their... see more

An overview document of Harvest Road Hive prepared by Peter Lamothe

This article describes the relationship between MERLOT and Macromedia in coming up with a solution to creating the... see more

A chronology of MERLOT's development and implementation of its discipline portals, published in the January 2006 is of... see more

A list of reading materials prior to the Editors meeting, where there will be a one hour workshop on Reusability. The... see more

Guidelines intended for content authors and digital repository managers. They provide a set of specific actions that can... see more

A checklist to state the guideline, technique, description and priority.

Resuability seminar slides presented to Editors at the Editors Meeting in May 2005.