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In this 4:15 video adapted from Pathways to Technology, learn how one person turned a job-ending injury into an... see more

Created by Work-Ready Electronics, a project of the Advanced Technological Education program, this module introduces... see more

These modules were originally presented to First Responders during a two-day workshop at the North Carolina Solar Center... see more

The ATETV project delivers web-based videos to connect students to careers in advanced technology. In this episode of... see more

This animation is an introduction to microscopy, scale, and applications of nanoscale properties. It introduces some of... see more

This is a learning object, created by Terry Bartelt of the Wisconsin Online Resource Center, on impedance matching... see more

Gordon and Mike's ICT Podcast offers perspectives on the information and communication technologies (ICT) industries from... see more

BioMEMS and Bionanotechnology have the potential to make significant impact in a wide range of fields and applications.... see more

In this animated object, learners consider how nanoscientists are mimicking intracellular movements when building... see more

The digital multimeter is an electronic technician's most widely used piece of equipment. The proper operation of the... see more

This module consists of a lab, PowerPoint presentation, and modified syllabus which all relate to Toyota's continuously... see more

This PowerPoint presentation and lab provide a general overview of HEVs and the technologies powering them. Both were... see more

This module consists of a PowerPoint presentation, labs, and syllabus designed to enhance automotive electrical courses... see more

The Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC) provides this document, which was part of a workshop held... see more

The Biotechnology Education & Training Sequence Investment (BETSI) Project was established in 2004, funded by a National... see more

In this interactive object, learners answer 25 questions regarding part or assembly drawings. The basic areas of... see more

Teachers' Domain presents this interactive lesson with reading materials and animations to present information on what a... see more

This site has very good animations related to separations. It deals specifically with solvent focusing in gas... see more

The Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC) presents a public service announcement on invasive... see more

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, explores the possibility that extraterrestrial life might exist, and... see more

This interactive presentation, created by Terry Bartelt for the Electromechanical Digital Library, discusses the armature... see more

In this professional development video from Getting Results, Dr. John Bransford, professor of education at the University... see more

This report was presented to MERLOT in 2002 and was conducted by the faculty at the University of Waterloo.