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Solid website that has news archive audio supported by text. It's perfect for ESL Learners.

Wonderful site for practice in Spanish. Use the different links and different leveled units.

Solid and informative presentation about the life of this leader.

In the 21st century, airplanes are a normal part of everyday life. We see them fly over, or read about them, or see them... see more

This VERY interesting Earth Observatory website is a great place for an anticipatory set that introduces CDE Standard... see more

This is a NASA website that is a worldwide distributor of educational multimedia for a minimal charge. Browse through the... see more

The CDE Standards for 3rd Grade (EARTH SCIENCE 4E) discuss the idea of the Sun's apparent movement through the sky and... see more

The CDE Science Standards for 3rd Grade (EARTH SCIENCE 4D) discusses the idea that Earth has its place in the Solar... see more

Students learn about earthquakes in this NASA SCI Files™ educational video for grades 3-5. Follow the links to get your... see more

From the STARDATE Website, we have an activity that supports CDE Standards for 7th Grade Science (EARTH and LIFE SCIENCE... see more

This simple simulation should give you a better feel of the trade-offs which policy makers need to make in creating... see more

Site contains links for SmartBoard interactive lessons.

This is a collection of activities that can be used with a Smartboard or 3M Interactive Whiteboard.

Nice site that has students asking atronomers about the relationship between a catastrophic impact and the Dark Ages. See... see more

Solid website discussing aggregate resources in California. See attached assignment.

Perhaps one of my favorite finds on the web. This site covers the geological hazards that we all face. See attached... see more

Informative site that discusses El Nino. See attached assignment.

Nice site finds kids making sense of the weather. See attached assignment.

Interactive simulator for atmosphere behavior. See attached lesson for ideas.

More information on El Nino/La Nina. See attached assignment.

Informative site involving the Greenhouse Effect. See attached assignment for specifics.

Interactive NASA information site. Follow the asteroid link. See attached assignment.

Specific discussion on universe creation within the context of a discussion about a black hole.

Solid website that allows students to learn about impacts and even pose questions to scientists. See attached assignment.