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This collection of applets, created by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, is designed illustrate key concepts described in... see more

This subject considers three topics of macroeconomics that are alive and controversial for policy today. The topics are:... see more

This subject considers three topics of macroeconomics that are alive and controversial for policy today. The topics are:... see more

In this course, the student will build on and apply what was learned in the introductory macroeconomics course. The... see more

This course is designed to extend the student's knowledge of the basic microeconomic principles and provide insight into... see more

This book is based on the idea that there is a particular framework used by economists to interpret observed reality.... see more

This is a simulation assignment that can help in the visualization of the reliance of Americans on goods from abroad.

This course provides a graduate-level introduction to the field of international trade. It examines the theory of... see more

This text strives to reach a median between these two approaches. First, I believe that students need to learn the theory... see more

International Finance Theory and Policy is built on Steve Suranovic’s belief that to understand the international... see more

These lesson plans were developed by the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) which was established to improve... see more

This graduate class is designed as a PhD-level overview of international political economy (IPE), with an emphasis on the... see more

This video focuses on the concept of international trade. More precisely, contents to be reviewed are as follows:... see more

As Adam Smith said, everyone lives by exchanging. They exchange—buy and sell—to make themselves better off. Does the... see more

This video was recorded at IEDC - General Management Program. The General Management Program is a five-week intensive... see more

This module is intended for use in a college-level introductory course in alternative and renewable energy. The document... see more

Beginners with little background in statistics and econometrics often have a hard time understanding the benefits of... see more

"This book presents introductory economics material using standard mathematical tools, including calculus. It is designed... see more

This book presents standard intermediate microeconomics material and some material that, in the authors' view, ought to... see more

This is a free online course from UC Berkeley that is offered as podcasts. The course is a general introduction to... see more

This is a free textbook from BookBoon. 'This free textbook provides an overview of the field of game theory which... see more

This is a module framework. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a zip file. As taught in Spring Semester 2010. This... see more

"This is an introductory principle of economics course that covers topics in macroeconomics. The book will present... see more