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In these activities designed to introduce sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, students generate several... see more

This group activity illustrates the concepts of size and power of a test through simulation. Students simulate binomial... see more

An important objective in hiring is to ensure diversity in the workforce. The race or gender of individuals hired by an... see more

The Food and Drug Administration requires pharmaceutical companies to establish a shelf life for all new drug products... see more

This article describes an interactive activity illustrating general properties of hypothesis testing and hypothesis tests... see more

The Caesar Shift is a translation of the alphabet; for example, a five-letter shift would code the letter a as f, b as g,... see more

Students explore the definition and interpretations of the probability of an event by investigating the long run... see more

The activity is designed to help students develop a better intuitive understanding of what is meant by variability in... see more

This group activity focuses on conducting an experiment to determine which of two brands of paper towels are more... see more

Created by Bernard Ellem, Gwenda Lewis and Bob Murison, faculty members at the University of New England, this is a class... see more

These datasets come from the book "STAT LABS: Mathematical Statistics Through Applications." Below the link for each... see more

Increase Student Success Through Web-based Assignment and Coordinated Remediation.

Increase STAT 118 Student Success through Web-based Assignment and Coordinated Remediation

This website, created by, is a statistical database, which allows you to research and compare different... see more

Created for W.H. Freeman and Co., this applet is designed to help students see correlations in data and see how outliers... see more

This applet graphs histograms and stemplots. It additionally calculates measures of center and measures of spread for... see more

Created by authors Duckworth, McCabe, Moore and Sclove for the W.H. Freeman Co., this applet is designed to help students... see more

Suppose you have a large "hopper" of colored candies. You believe each of the 5 colors are represented equally often in... see more

When a simple random sample (SRS) of size n is drawn from a N(μ, σ) population, the one-sample t statistic has the t... see more

A description of a distribution almost always includes a measure of its center. The two common measures of center are the... see more

The Central Limit Theorem says that as n increases, the binomial distribution with n trials and probability p of success... see more