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This site is a collection of recent news articles on astronomy topics. Topics include, space flight, technology, SETI,... see more

This is an historical overview of spaceflight, stressing the technology of rockets, satellites and orbits, and its use in... see more

This site, created by Michael Norman of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offers information about Einstein... see more

This video was recorded at NIPS Workshops, Sierra Nevada 2011. A central goal of medical genetics is to create models... see more

This is a lesson about density. Learners will relate the concept of density to the density of dust in space. They will... see more

Spectra is a website illustrating how astronomers use spectra to understand what stars are made of, their structures, and... see more

This website, containing information from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, provides projects and activities for advanced... see more

This is a series of three activities about light and spectra. First, learners will construct their own spectroscope,... see more

Learn about the finite speed of light with this video segment adapted from Shedding Light on Science. In the 1600s,... see more

In this design challenge activity, learners invent an emergency shelter that can fit a person and is sturdy and quick to... see more

Of the 100 billion or more galaxies visible through existing telescopes, most are either spiral or elliptical in shape... see more

In this demonstration, learners investigate mass, gravity, and acceleration by dropping a wooden bar with a balloon... see more

In this activity related to flight, learners build a tiny stream channel to investigate how fluids (air and water) change... see more

This Stair project is directed at 3rd Graders but can be beneficial to other age groups. Students will be able to view... see more

This fun and simple hands-on astronomy activity demonstrates the shadow of the Earth as it rises as a dark blue shadow... see more

This free web site provides a collection of 25 multi-disciplinary, interactive exercises and activities based on the Sun... see more

' You can now have a virtual planetarium in your pocket! Look through the eyes of your Android device* to see a virtual... see more

Augmented reality astronomy app for education This is a free app.

This website, created by Aspire, provides an interactive tutorial on the evolution of stars. It integrates activities,... see more

This is a lesson about the energy output of the Sun. Learners will consider the essential question, "How much energy does... see more

In this online activity, learners can test their skills at finding constellations in the northern hemisphere's night sky.... see more

This special edition of the Star Witness, a science content reading selection, announced NASA�s plans for the final... see more

This site provides eleven lesson plans for kids from ages five to seventeen that teach about astronomy and the principles... see more

This website from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory contains information on the Stardust mission to obtain dust samples... see more