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The Ad Age DataCenter provides exclusive advertising and marketing industry data compiled by the Ad Age Research... see more

This is a collection of ads for products that are currently being sold on the internet. Some of them are strange (such as... see more

משימת חקר בשפה האנלית. במשימה זו יחשפו התלמידים לאלמנטים פרסומיים, יחוו דעתם אודות מהי פרסומת טובה ויידרשו לבחור מוצר... see more

This website is a resource for top advertising slogans used by a variety of companies. There are "top" picks for several... see more

This U.K. site has a listing of the ten Hall of Fame ads from 2000 to 2003. Both the slogan and brand are matched. Also... see more

Nowadays the advertising sector takes a big role on Internet. In the near future internet will be the biggest channel of... see more

This website has a number of examples of advertising used in Latin America.

This is the personal website of advertising fanatic Andy Savage which features numerous popular UK television commercials... see more

פעילות חקר בשפה האנגלית. הפעילות עוסקת בניתוח פרסומות תוך התייחסות לשיטות הפרסום באמצעי התקשורת השונים (עיתונות, טלוויזיה... see more

This is transcript of a discussion of how the 9/11 terrorist attacks and a declining economy have impacted the world of... see more

This is a simple calculator that requires information to entered: program costs, target variables and projected program... see more

This link identifies advertising slogans used for each brand advertised during the 2002 Super Bowl. An instructor could... see more

This thought-provoking article appeared in Asiaweek magazine in 2001. The theme is the wisdom of producing commercial Web... see more

Jointly conducted by USA Today and Harris International, the Ad Track Index is a weekly poll surveying the effectiveness... see more

In 2012, Maxim Kamanin, a Russian inventor, developed the 3D Computer Monitor Displair based on observing the Northern... see more

Learn today how to become more tech savvy by watching's videos about cloud-based video curation. Click on... see more

A collection of over 90,000 television ads and ad agencies from around the world.

Launch! Advertising and Promotion is written for advertising and promotion courses taught to students in the business... see more