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'How can you make going to bed for your kids more fun? All children have a bedtime routine, whether they like it or not.... see more

'CHICKTIONARY is one of the most popular word games on the Internet! NOW it’s your turn to hatch up some fun on your... see more

'This book is written for teachers and parents of young children to help them select the very best in children's... see more

Solid website with a huge amount of material for practice.

This PowerPoint provides an overview of Differentiated Instruction with a focus on Language Arts.

This PowerPoint provides the basics of Differentiated Instruction and UDL and then provides a focus on reading and... see more

' What kid doesn't think about being a vet or doctor? Here’s their chance to help Dr. Panda take care of animals at Dr.... see more

'What kid doesn't think about being a vet or doctor? Here’s their chance to help Dr. Panda take care of animals at Dr.... see more

Practice reading English with these ESL short stories from American folklore, retold by S.E. Schlosser. Some short... see more

Contains over 250 of the best Internet resources for ESL/EFL students! All Web sites are clearly annotated. Organization... see more

Drill and practice to improve the reading and grammar of an ESL Learner.

EXCELLENT site from The U. of Victoria in British Columbia.Level 200 has great vocabulary lessons and quizzes on such... see more

The lab is mainly designed for self-directed study, that is, you choose what topic and level you want to study and then... see more

Solid website that has news archive audio supported by text. It's perfect for ESL Learners.

'Designed by parents of young children for young children (pre-toddler and older), Five Little Monkeys is a fun,... see more

This is the next generation of our famous GoodReader app, and now it's a universal app - one app for all your iOS... see more

The following lesson in grammar on roots, prefixes, and suffixes would be a beneficial learning object for students... see more

From the Introduction to the Guide:"Reading development involves the participation of children, parents, educators and... see more

'Ahoy and welcome to Pirate School, Matey! Join Jake and crew for four fun-filled pirate themed classes and earn Badges... see more

'A hands-on, real-life way for kids to learn shapes. Wouldn't it be just wonderful if there was a simple game for... see more

'Download our FREE app and start reading millions of free and affordable eBooks from the palm of your hand. Read... see more

This mobile app for the iPad is a fun way for young children to learn to read. "It is designed by literacy experts for... see more

'Find words, steal tiles, color the board! Letterpress is a fresh new word game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Play... see more

'Enjoy this packet of Literary Terms and Concepts Flashcards created by the mad scientists at TestSoup. Hopefully you'll... see more