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A self-graded quiz on basic electromagnetim and optics from the second semester of an algebra-based introductory physics... see more

An evolving and growing collecion of 3-D animations for introductory Electricity and Magnetism

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, worksheet, references, and SPICE model.

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, worksheet, references, and SPICE model.

Applet and tutorial, with quiz, references, worksheet, and SPICE model.

Physlet plots the current, voltage, and power of a simple RC (resistor, capacitor) circuit.

Physlet of an RC circuit with an AC source. The frequency is user-defined.

Web assignment on basic circuits involving capacitors. Applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang embedded in page for convenience. Helpful... see more

A Web assignment that uses a Java applet by Michael Davidson. Tests qualitative understanding of the flow of charge in an... see more

Physlet demonstrates the current, voltage, and power of a simple RC circuit.

The resistive-capacitive (RC) time constant is the time required to charge a capacitor. This tutorial illustrates how the... see more

Applet allows user to build his own circuit by selecting components from a menu.

Here we have an applet with a very basic RLC circuit with an external source of alternating current. You can change the... see more

A collection of Physlet exercises, mostly covering kinematics, forces, and energy.

This site is an excellent site to surf if you have the time to look. It is rather bland when the site opens and the... see more

Online digital circuit applet, with tutorial that includes a quiz, references, worksheet, and SPICE/CAD simulation.

A shockwave tutorial on magnetism, written at the middle school level.

Shockwave tutorial covers unit conversions and scientific notation. Written at the high school.

Applet and tutorial includes quiz, references, SPICE/CAD simulation, and worksheet.

Simulation of a read and write oepration. Tutorial includes a worksheet, quiz, references, and SPICE/CAD simulation.

Online digital circuit applet, with tutorial including quiz, worksheet, SPICE/CAD simulation, and references.

(From the author) The following movies show animated plots of various frequency-dependent electrical features of... see more

This website hosts a collection of questions and answers intended as a basis for Socratic discussions on the subject of... see more

This Physlet shows the time development of electric fields from an accelerating charge. Four different motion modes are... see more