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This video was recorded at CERN Colloquium. We will discuss the scientific program to be studied in a new gravitational... see more

A series of applets on basic quantum physics, covering topics: two-dimension quantum box, two-dimensional harmonic... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. '"Remodeling Reality: The Impact of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics on Our... see more

Seven applets designed to illustrate various time-dependent quantum mechanical systems.

A series of applets on the role of spin in quantum physics. Topics include: How to represent a spin 1/2, Larmor... see more

The Spin-1 particles in successive Stern-Gerlach experiments simulation aims to help students make connections between... see more

Statistical Mechanics is a probabilistic approach to equilibrium properties of large numbers of degrees of freedom. In... see more

This class explores the changing roles of physics and physicists during the 20th century. Topics range from relativity... see more

This animation shows the effect of a first and a second energy measurement on an initial superposition of states... see more

The Superposition states and mixed states simulation allows students to use a Stern-Gerlach apparatus that can be... see more

This visualization shows the wave function and probability density for energy eigenstates of a quantum particle in a 1D... see more

Applet and tutorial on the Bohr atom in atomic physics.

The Expectation value of an operator simulation aims to help students make connections between experimental measurement... see more

This video was recorded at Workshop on Statistical Physics of Inference and Control Theory, Granada 2012. This talk... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Meeting the Entropy Challenge. In this often droll lecture on a very... see more

This video was recorded at Kolokviji na Institutu "Jožef Stefan". V predavanju bom predstavil pomen in značilnosti... see more

The Uncertainty of spin measurement outcomes simulation aims to help students develop an understanding of quantum... see more

Applet demonstrates the intensity spectrum due to the vibrational motion of various diatomic molecules. Temperature is... see more

A series of applets on basic wave mechanics in quantum physics. Topics include wave/particle duality in quantum... see more

האם מסע בזמן אפשרי? האם במדע מסע בזמן דומה למסע במדע הבדיוני? זה אולי מפתיע, אך תיאוריות מדעיות שונות מאפשרות מסע בזמן.... see more

דברי ימי הפיסיקה רצופים בחיפוש אחרי תיאוריה חובקת כל. ניוטון גילה כי דין אחד חל על נפילת תפוחים ועל מסלולי הפלנטות סביב... see more

דף מידע ובו משחק "שולה מוקשים קוונטי" ללימוד פיזיקת קוונטיפ. במשחק ישנם מספר מוקשים מוחבאים על פני שני לוחות בסופרפוזיציה... see more

授業概要 量子力学における対称性と摂動論を学ぶ。軌道角運動量、スピン角運動量、2粒子の交換などは量子力学において特徴的な対称性の概念であり、摂動論は一般的... see more

授業概要 現代科学技術の多く側面は量子力学を含む物理学に基礎を おいている。本講義は、量子力学第一、第二に引き続くもので、この講義によって学部ないし大学院初等レベルの量子力学が完結する。 本講義... see more