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Today, in the deepest part of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River flows past rocks that are 1.7 billion years old. This... see more

When Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, the top 400 meters (1,300 feet) of the volcano disappeared in a blast that... see more

Excellent site documents an oceanographic expedition studying hydrothermal vent communities on the Pacific seafloor.... see more

Scientists and educators have joined forces to create this collection of teaching materials on El Nino, storms, the... see more

This interactive feature introduces viewers to the various types of caves, and describes Karst activity, the process by... see more

A collection of seven lesson plans from the Institute for Marine Remote Sensing in St. Petersburg, Florida. Titles... see more

This lesson is designed to help students gain knowledge in using the MY NASA DATA Live Access Server (LAS) to specify and... see more

In this lesson students will discover how a submersible's design enables humans to explore the deep ocean. As a result of... see more

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, discusses the extreme environments that caves present for living... see more

In this activity, students will learn the more advanced mapping skills of calculating back azimuths and triangulation.... see more

This lesson plan introduces the science behind the causes, occurrence, and impacts of hypoxic or "dead" zones in coastal... see more

This tutorial introduces students to the concept of navigating with a topographic map and compass. Topics include the... see more

In this activity, students will refer to a graph of hydraulic measures of water for the state of Maine to gather and... see more

This in-depth website describes the Gulf Stream, its place in the North Atlantic Gyre, influence on weather and climate,... see more

Follow a deep sea mission to recover the top of a black smoker and learn about hydrothermal vent communities and the... see more

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, provides an account of the 1995 avalanche that overran the fishing... see more

Since the Hawaiian Islands were all created by volcanic activity, it is somewhat surprising that only the island of... see more

Water vapor plays an important role in the water cycle and in the distribution of heat around the planet. By observing... see more

Early evidence showing striking similarities between regions on opposite sides of vast oceans suggested that in Earth's... see more

In this activity, students will develop an understanding of the dynamics of ground water; understand the interrelations... see more

An all inclusive introduction to the ocean sciences. The site includes information on habitats, oceanic fauna,... see more

This site offers an extensive collection of links to sites about water, life, and agriculture in the American West. Some... see more

This site features Flash and QuickTime animations related to groundwater. They contrast the permeability of gravel, sand,... see more

This bulletin discusses the magnitude 7.9 earthquake that shook the islands of Tonga in May 2006. Topics include the... see more