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This non-mathematical, self-contained exposition of studies of the Earth's magnetic environment in space covers such... see more

This is one in a series of PBS specials titled, "The Living Edens." Explore Palau, located in the tropical Pacific, with... see more

Ocean Planet is now an archival version of the 1995 Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition which is no longer on... see more

This data center provides information on waterborne commerce, vessel characteristics, port facilities, dredging, and lock... see more

The NASA Oceanography site contains information on missions, projects and partners; links to a remote sensing site with... see more

SEACOOS is a collaborative university partnership that collects, manages, and disseminates integrated regional ocean... see more

This site contains the archive for Pulse of the Planet, which provides its listeners with a two-minute sound portrait of... see more

This report outlines the key elements of a comprehensive and effective national strategy for reducing losses from... see more

This collection of maps shows federally-owned lands and Indian reservations in the U.S. and in individual states. The... see more

Web page of the world's largest living coral reef aquarium, provides information for visitors, exhibit information,... see more

This site offers educators information, resources, and links for promoting academic achievement and environmental... see more

Coastlines are places of continuous, often dramatic geological activity. They change daily and seasonally, but especially... see more

Marine video programs designed to enhance science education in middle schools. Broad range of ocean science topics,... see more

Sea World informational resource on sharks and rays. Excellent introduction to sharks including information on their... see more

This site from Bigelow Labs helps you find and use web-based earth science data and information. Content is arranged by... see more

Farmers and rivers have a close, though not always friendly, relationship with one another. Rivers can create prized... see more

Tornadoes can produce damage that ranges from broken tree limbs to a block of houses swept from their foundations. They... see more

Today, in the deepest part of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River flows past rocks that are 1.7 billion years old. This... see more

When Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, the top 400 meters (1,300 feet) of the volcano disappeared in a blast that... see more

Excellent site documents an oceanographic expedition studying hydrothermal vent communities on the Pacific seafloor.... see more

Scientists and educators have joined forces to create this collection of teaching materials on El Nino, storms, the... see more

This interactive feature introduces viewers to the various types of caves, and describes Karst activity, the process by... see more

A collection of seven lesson plans from the Institute for Marine Remote Sensing in St. Petersburg, Florida. Titles... see more

This lesson is designed to help students gain knowledge in using the MY NASA DATA Live Access Server (LAS) to specify and... see more