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Veto rights can be a meaningful source of power only when leaving an organization is extremely unlikely. For example,... see more

There is no claim in the following pages to present more than a sketch of Vittoria Colonna's life. Her history is... see more

Devez-vous traduire pour un public canadien? Nous avons ce qu’il vous faut! Ce livre numérique aborde brièvement les... see more

In WAC and Second-Language Writers, the editors and contributors pursue the ambitious goal of including within WAC... see more

Working with educators at all academic levels involved in WAC partnerships, the authors and editors of this collection... see more

This is a free, online book by Henry Thoreau

The Walking With series contains four adult education courses on subjects in Judaism: God in Judaism, justice and ethics... see more

By the time Frederich Schiller came to write the Wallenstein trilogy, his reputation as one of Germany’s leading... see more

The essays in Web Writing respond to contemporary debates over the proper role of the Internet in higher education,... see more

What do we know about the world? Rhetorical and Argumentative Perspectives is a book trying to answer the title question... see more

A stark departure from traditional philology, What is Authorial Philology? is the first comprehensive treatment of... see more

'In 1999, Nora Paul organized a gathering at The Poynter Institute of a group of journalists who were on the cutting edge... see more

The title to this interdisciplinary collection draws on the Yupik Eskimo belief that seals, fish, and other game are... see more

In this lively and illuminating book, Leon Barkho guides us effortlessly through the areas where we may get it wrong when... see more

When most people think of wikis, the first---and usually the only---thing that comes to mind is Wikipedia. The editors of... see more

Global Women’s Issues and the Beijing Platform for Action. This book is based on the 12 critical areas of concern... see more

In recent years more and more societies all over the world have begun to recognize the vital contributions of women to... see more

Fluid bed granulation in the form of agglomeration and coating processes are important unit operations used for many... see more

The editors and contributors to this collection explore what it means to adopt an "academic literacies" approach in... see more

This peer-reviewed World Literature I anthology includes introductory text and images before each series of readings.... see more

Humans across the globe and throughout millennia have searched for answers to questions like, "why are we... see more

This textbook is divided into two parts with each of those two parts built around outlining and completing the process of... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle. Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

Gábor Lövei’s scientific communication course for students and scientists explores the intricacies involved in publishing... see more