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Low-cost physics activities and demonstrations that will induce fun without breaking the bank. Over 50 different... see more

This film examines levels of illumination outdoors and in various workplaces. Educational concepts include light meter,... see more

Forces add like vectors. Three forces act on the orange disk. Drag the heads of the arrows representing these forces to... see more

The Science of Information Technology (ScIT) is a course taught at Rensselaer since 1999 which adresses the scientific... see more

'This high school/intro college curriculum is a series of three short textbooks (and a teacher's guide) for introducing... see more

Applet and tutorial showing how to use the Vernier caliper.

OpenStaz College offers students free open textbooks that meet the scope and sequence of most courses. Textbooks are... see more

Covering Space From Earth to the Edge of the Universe

Romeo lists the status of publisher copyright policies and author-archiving policies of academic journals, indicating, by... see more

Interactive learning resources designed to facilitate both the teaching and learning of science. Instructors can create... see more

Exhibits and other online resources for history of physics and allied fields.

Electron configuration in an atom is organized into orbitals and differently shaped subshells. Learn about the s... see more

Provides access to citations and fulltext of over 230 African journals covering most subject areas. AJOL also offers a... see more

A huge collection of tutorials, with detailed explanations and applets, all hyperlinked with each other to create what is... see more

Guía de Laboratorio de Física Mecánica: Conservación de la Cantidad de Movimiento Lineal.

This provides a summary of most of the units of measurement to be found in use around the world today (and a few of... see more

Downloadable mp3s of pure tones from 100 to 10,000 Hz, and combinations of pure tones, including the combinations used to... see more

A Super Source for k-12 science and technology teaching resources.

Objects are drawn in the first quadrant of body axes x,y,z. Positions are described in terms of both body angles and... see more

Applet demonstrates the parallelogram method of adding vectors.

'Taking introductory physics or need a quick physics reference? Then you need the Wolfram Physics I Course Assistant.... see more

'Taking introductory physics or need a quick physics reference? Then you need the Wolfram Physics II Course Assistant.... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון בנושא תאים סולריים המסביר כיצד נהם יוצרים אנרגיה חשמלית מאור השמש. הסרטון מקושר לאתר youtube. מופיע... see more

A collection of over 1,000 journal title citations with links to the full text by subscription only. ScienceDirect... see more