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מאמר - מהו בעצם האור, ממה הוא מורכב ואיך הוא משפיע על מהלך חיינו? איך אנחנו מסוגלים לראות את הסובב אותנו? ומה בנוגע לבעלי... see more

מיקרוסקופ האור מגדיל את תמונת העצם בזכות עדשות אופטיות המותקנות בו. מיקרוסקופ אור יכול להגיל את תמונות העצמים פי 400.

על התפתחות השימוש בקרני לייזר ברפואה, בעיקר לניתוחים.

Cogent Physics is a fully peer reviewed, open access journal with a mission to help researchers communicate with a global... see more

Guía de Laboratorio de Física Óptica: Difracción de Ondas. Actualizado en mayo 2009.

Have you ever played with an electromagnetic radiation wave? Well you can with this tutorial that allows you to move the... see more

This comprehensive open-access encyclopedia explains the terms and principles of laser physics and technology. It also... see more

A great colleciton of stellar spectra and tutorial

Guía de Laboratorio de Física Óptica: Imágenes de reflexión formadas por espejos planos y curvos. Actualizado en mayo... see more

Guía de Laboratorio de Física Óptica: Imágenes de transmisión formada por lentes convergentes y divergentes. Actualizado... see more

nterference between two light waves is an amazing phenomenon that is often seen in soap bubbles with the wide color... see more

This tutorial explores the variable lens using Flash instead of Java. See how changing the shape of a lens affects the... see more

This site contains an extensive set of notes on basic topics in physics. There are extensive illustrations and animations... see more

This applet shows the field of a moving charge, and how it is concentrated directions perpendicular to the motion. It... see more

Guía de Laboratorio de Física Óptica: Reflexión Total. Actualizado en mayo 2009.

Guía de Laboratorio de Física Óptica: Reflexión y Refracción. Actualizado en mayo 2009.

Shows the simplest case of diffraction, i.e., single slit diffraction. You can change the color of the light by dragging... see more

University Physics is a three-volume collection that meets the scope and sequence requirements for two-three semester... see more

This course provides an overview of astrophysical cosmology with emphasis on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)... see more

Guía de Laboratorio de Física Óptica: Índice de Refracción. Actualizado en mayo 2009.

This java applet show you how to use the law of reflection (for optics) in playing pool.

When light passes from one medium to another, a portion of the light is polarized and reflected as a function of the... see more

EMpolarization is an app to aid teaching and learning of electromagnetics (EM) using mobile devices on the topic of wave... see more

Extensive text explanation of the interference and diffraction of waves. Hyperlinks to subtopics included.