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'"Pass The Past" is an educational game to help students prepare for Virginia's Standard's of Learning (SOL) exams with a... see more

Puzzles and riddles for young kids

Free online Reading Comprehension Exercises and Quizzes

IVMS-ANS Review Text Answers and Explainations  

A short but effective tool for assessment. This comes from our friends at Volcano World.

'Find your own Eureka moments with our vast selection of Science Trivia! With material that spans across a range of... see more

Interesting direct questions related to common science branches with a specialized knowledge is presented

The Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educators mission is to advance the professional practice of adjunct faculty... see more

A flashcard/quiz activity connected with greetings and everyday phrases in Spanish.

'3000 objective questions for SPM Chemistry past years papers covering all topics for form 4 and form 5 Functionality: 1)... see more

Interactive Websites, games, quizzes, and activities

Test Prep Review contains free practice tests for almost all of the current academic and vocational tests given in the... see more

computer games are now regularly played by 60 to 90% of adolescents. Many parents are at a loss, because they believe... see more This is a very interesting site that everybody can visit and benefit from. It is for kids from... see more

מאמר זה מביא סקירה נרחבת על סם המריחואנה; אופני השימוש, עובדות סביב השמוש במריחואנה, השפעותיה הקצרות והארוכות על גופנו... see more