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Pakseresht, S., Ingle, G. K., Bahadur, A. K., Ramteke, V. K., Singh, M. M., Garg, S., & Agarwal, P. N. (2009). Risk... see more

Naim, M., John, V. T., Gaur, K., & Anees, A. (2010). Septic disruption of lactiferous ducts with heterogeneous carcinoma... see more

Patel, S., Rendell, H., & Oswal, K.  (2013).  Tobacco industry tactics with advertisements at the point of sale in... see more

Treatment Strategies - Oncology is a free open-access newsletter provided by the Cambridge Research Centre.  You need to... see more

Dhillon, P. K., Yeole, B. B., Dikshit, R., Kurkure, A. P., & Bray, F. (2011). Trends in breast, ovarian and cervical... see more

Gayana, S., Bhattacharya, A., Kamaleshwaran, K. K., & Mittal, B. R. (2012). Unilateral breast uptake of tc-99m... see more

Authors: Tsu-Yin Wu --- Barbara Scheffer --- Corinne Lee Journal: Journal of Nursing Education and Practice ISSN/EISSN:... see more

Have you ever tried to teach student's how to design and present information without providing too much information? The... see more

This site has a listing of herbs used to treat medical conditions. Information about the herbs includes the scientific... see more

This learning module presents "instructions and protocols for accomplishing each of the four steps required to implement... see more

this learning resource a tutorial designed for paramedics; however, other healthcare professional students might also... see more

The purpose of this learning resource is to educate persons with Hepatitis B about  how "to manage the diagnosis and... see more

Site focuses on the use of Excel for data analysis. It provides knowledge of skills to develop a spreadsheet to analyze... see more

The purpose of the Pathology of Drug Abuse module is to assist the learner to associate graphic gross and microanatomy... see more

The purpose of this website is to provide historical information about the inventor of artificial organs including the... see more