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The Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI) is a community of individuals and organizations collaborating on the... see more

Over the past three years, LaGuardia Community College has emerged as a national leader in the fast-growing field of... see more

The PSU Portfolio gives you the opportunity to experience first hand the ways in which PSU is striving to meet its... see more

This page offers collection of information regarding ePortfolios.

This site offers an expirement of what an ePortfolio will look like using a plethora of the tools available to us. Tables... see more

This site provides a very extensive listing of portfolio programs and samples at numerous educational establishments.

"At one of the 50 work stations, students can create an electronic portfolio or enhance a literature assignment with... see more

As a part of integrating Internet-based technologies with student services, Regis began to research the growing trend of... see more

This site offers articles and websites concerning ePortfolio research and direction.

The reaccreditation process was a multi-stage, longitudinal one that required broad campus involvement. WASC asked the... see more

STEPS is a student-built, faculty-led and administratively designed assessment system. The easy to use web-based... see more

Artists have a long portfolio tradition. Some start to put together their portfolios before they have had any formal... see more

We are still working toward a common definition for electronic portfolios, or ePortfolios.1 Ideally, all work in an... see more

The Learning Record provides a format for documenting student progress and achievement, based on interviews, observations... see more

As we strive to achieve our vision, students are always UNO’s key constituency. UNO commits to build and serve a diverse... see more

This section features ePortfolio-related articles and resources that are particularly relevant to faculty, instructors,... see more

With VTeP, you can easily save, organize, review, reflect upon, and selectively share personal and professional records... see more

Why Web Portfolios? Philosophy and Rationale for Maintaining Work in a Web Demonstrating Coherence Developing a sense for... see more

While there's much interest in developing webfolio projects for student growth and outcome assessment, enthusiasm is... see more

Delivering the highest quality, most intuitive, and most user-friendly digital portfolio on the market today, Merrill... see more