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This paper documents the dramatic improvement in institutional, legal and regulatory environment for the exiting of... see more

The average saving rate for the typical American household before the recession started in 2007 was 2.9 percent; since... see more

Is there a recipe for economic growth? Perhaps some Miracle-Gro for the economy? If only it were that easy. While the... see more

To those unfamiliar with financial and economic lingo, the terms bandied about in the news can sometimes make no sense.... see more

Does it feel like your dollars go as far as they used to? If not, how does that mesh when reports say inflation rates are... see more

We get asked the proverbial chicken and egg question a lot: which came first our LLAMA (Lot Like Agile Management... see more

During the process of starting and growing a company, entrepreneurs seek help from their key advisors, which include its... see more

The United States has experienced a revival of interest in entrepreneurs. While much of the public fascination has... see more

Over 200 years ago, Adam Smith attempted to explain why some nations are wealthier than others. Today, the gap between... see more

With prices of new vehicles at all-time highs, many buyers are looking for used vehicles. It can be challenging, though,... see more

As of 1998, nine percent of the shares of all firms in the US, primarily young and small ones, have been owned,... see more

The unemployment rate always seems to be in the news, but did you know there are different kinds of unemployment? There... see more

This paper presents an equity market where the value of a new technology is infrequently observable while the equity... see more

Robots are in the headlines, and many of us are wondering if they’ll also be taking over our jobs. Is the “Robot... see more

App-driven jobs allow workers to decide when, where, and how much to work—one “gig� at a time. Learn more about... see more

Published by the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University, the WBCRJ is the premier outlet for applied wine... see more

Historically, money was made of either valuable commodities such as gold or silver coins or pieces of paper (bills)... see more

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office tackles that question in a new report and highlights the trade-off presented... see more

Top specifications of HP Office Jet Pro 7740 Printer encourage the customers to buy and focus the attention of most of... see more