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'Give Me 5 is a social skills learning App. It helps children learn about eight different sub-domains of social skills by... see more

On the Globall Manager game you will be challenged to improve both your business and language skills through 8 different... see more

'GloRead teaches kids reading with Global Reading (or "Look and Say") approach. The Global Reading approach is briefly... see more

'Glympse is the easiest way to safely share your location with someone in real time. Let others follow your location on a... see more

'The Ultimate Solution for Google Drive and Google Docs' • View Documents With most common document formats support you... see more

Notes on use, forms and common mistakes - 10 multiple-choice questions with answers. CEFR linguistic competence -... see more

This is a fact sheet describing the GAVRT program. This educational program uses a 34-meter antenna for classroom radio... see more

This site from Google provides lesson plans on three levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced, as well as a daily search... see more

'This flashcard application will help you to learn the terms, definitions and concepts for your Grade 1 Music Theory... see more

'The Grain Shrinkage Calculator returns the results for the number of bushels after the moisture removal from field to... see more

Programmi interattivi per lo studio della grammatica.Attualmente sono disponibili: Coniugatore di Verbi e Esercizi di... see more

An audio-visual blog dealing withFrench language grammar topics.

'Get Grammar Girl delivered right to your iPhone or iPad each week without any ads or announcements – just great tips to... see more

Interactive slideshow to practice grammar rules. Multiple choice questions about plural nouns.

'Students can fly, swim, feed, and toss their way to grammar mastery. Characters can be led through many adventures as... see more

Students can fly, swim, feed, and toss their way to grammar mastery. Characters can be led through many adventures as... see more

Basic step-by-step instructions for using Microsoft Excel to produce charts, specifically XY Scatter charts. Includes... see more

A guide for teachers and students from grades 8-12 and undergraduates. Takes students from assumptions about gravity to a... see more

There's more than one way to nurture an idea until it bears fruit. This simple page is a collection of questions and... see more

This links to a publicly viewable google document of a lesson plan for having EFL college students in Japan start a group... see more

Using passive voice in all tenses, guidelines on when to use passive voice 10 multiple-choice questions with answers and... see more

'Guitar... A FREE interactive guitar at your fingertips. Strum and play 16 animated songs using music notation or TAB. ♫... see more