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Displays the electric and magnetic fields of a point charge moving at constant velocity in the x direction.

Show the time development of electric fields from an accelerating charge.

Allows users to choose a planetary orbit, and then observe that the line joining the planet to the star sweeps out equal... see more

Javascript animation (spinning Earth, etc.)

Watch a satellite slowly circle Earth in an ellipse. Vary the eccentricity of the orbit.

This experiment is designed to further demonstrate the properties of the ideal gas law. Mirror site:... see more

A Java animation of realtime climate data from the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) network of moored ocean buoys in the... see more

Interactive animation of Dijkstras algorithm.

This animation simulates a nuclear power plant.

Interactive animation of the Traveling Salesman problem.

Interacive illustration of Kruskals algorithm.

Interactive animation of Floyds algorithm.

Interactive animation of the 8 queens problem, but generalized to anywhere from 4 to 16 queens.

Investigate galaxies with a Flux meter.