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An applet that demonstrates projectile motion. Extensive explanaory text included.

Applet for demonstrating the effects of drag on a vertically accelerating body. Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet for demonstrating static friction. Extensive explanatory text included.

Demonstrates constructive and destructive interference.

Demonstrates the path of particles that describe Lissajous figures.

About our solar system with text, pictures, sounds and an occasional movie. Each of the planets and major moons in our... see more

Tutorials on fundamentals of nuclear and particle physics. Many foreign language versions available.

A set of tutorials aimed at answering the question of why the sky is dark at night. Pull down menus take you to various... see more

This Macromedia ShockWave applet illustrates visually the complex impedance in RLC series circuits. The users may use... see more

(In Italian) Mathematical and physics java applets for educational purposes. The applets are classified by area of... see more

Pictures of fresh and preserved items for animal biology, along with labeled dissections.

A 3-dimensional, interactive, animated nonlinear tutorial on the structure of DNA. The user can choose among several... see more

A very well designed, interactive, 3-D tutorial on the basic structure of DNA. Covers the nature of the double helix,... see more

'And so it begins! The HTML Beginner Tutorial assumes that you have absolutely no previous knowledge of HTML or CSS. It... see more

Web-based tutorials and interactive quizzes that cover basic concepts of mmunology, the ELISA assay, Western blotting... see more

Web-based tutorials and interactive quizzes that cover basic concepts of development in a variety of organisms, and the... see more

This document describes the process of developing educational multimedia, including product design, interaction design,... see more

Multiple interactive Shockwave tutorials on the following genetic processes: Cell Cycle, Meiosis, Independent Assortment,... see more

This is an interactive Shockwave tutorial that takes the students through some of meiosis, concentrating on what happens... see more

Illustration and explanation of quantized angular momentum

""It shows the an animated flow of carriers ina simplified FLAT band.""

A practical demonstration of the Inverse Square law, and its applications in astronomy and optics.