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These videos are part of the Globalization in Education 2 part video series which includes Values, Globalization and the... see more

Globalization in Education: Developing Intercultural Competence Part 1, is the first in a series of books on... see more

Globalization in Education: Developing Intercultural Competence Part 2, is the second in a series of books on... see more

This series of video examines the background of the use, purpose, and types of instruments (surveys) that may be used to... see more

The Go-Lab Portal is a collection of remote and virtual science laboratories suitable for students aged from 10 to 18... see more

A booklet produced by Professor Simon Dyson at De Montfort University providing a practical guide for schools and other... see more

Whether you are just starting to think about going back to school or have already made the decision to return, our Guide... see more

Project Zero's mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts, as well as in... see more

A need for a new approach to research ethics education was identified at Queen's University. The goals were to ensure all... see more

The Train the Trainer Guide: Health Disparities Education, developed by the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM)... see more

High School Ace is an excellent free website for academic resources for high school students. It features educational... see more

This free application, which is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, & Windows phones,  provides education on healthy... see more

Online education programs at colleges and universities continue to grow in popularity. As a result, major accrediting... see more

Based on a case study built upon an introductory digital media class in a large urban school, this case study explores... see more

The popularity of virtual education resulted in institutions seeking best practices as a guide to providing a quality... see more

Teacher education programs with a specialized focus, such as preparing candidates to become teachers of the deaf and hard... see more

Technology advances at such a rapid pace that its effective application in higher education is often overlooked and... see more

This article presents a set of online activities, using free Internet resources, aimed at increasing students'... see more

Our interactive digital overheads (IDOs) are flexible, dynamic, and interactive web-based visualization resources for the... see more

According to this mixed methods study, interactions with the content, peers, and instructor are important as students... see more

This course provides an introduction to intercultural education in a global context. Topics include an overview of... see more

Adults over age 50 are increasingly pursuing online instructional modalities of higher education coursework. While... see more

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is considered an integral element of healthcare education today. Using an asynchronous... see more

This paper reports on a research study that focused on equity in learning as reflected in the final grades of online and... see more