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6.896 covers mathematical foundations of parallel hardware, from computer arithmetic to physical design, focusing on... see more

This research-oriented course will focus on algebraic and computational techniques for optimization problems involving... see more

This site teaches you about wind energy.  It also has other related information about other energy alternatives.

Calculator Edge is an outstanding free online website for Engineers/Engineering students worldwide (translation in 12... see more

'This book is intended primarily for the university-level learners of an electromechanical profile, including the... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by  "This introduction to electromagnetic theory emphasises... see more

Electronics and Computers architecture aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge on the structure of... see more

Electronics and digitals circuits initiates students to microcontrollers and how to program them, it provides also... see more

Over 150 emeddable or downloadable 3D Simulations in the subject area of Automation, Electro/Mechanical, Process Control,... see more

An excellent engineering video collection designed to globally showcase what is going on today in the design engineering... see more

Introducción a la Instrumentación Industrial

This is the companion laboratory manual to the OER text Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application. Coverage begins at... see more

學習目標:教導學生認識二進位數字系統、布林代數與基本邏輯閘之... see more

Micro Informatics focuses on initiating students to the basic of hardware and software. this course contains 4 labs:... see more

San Francisco Circuits is a PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly provider that has a PCB school section of their website.... see more

El video mustra la programacion del nuevo PLC S7 1200 y su comparacion con la version anterior S7 200

Interactive flash simulation allows students to adjust resistance and/or capacitance in a RC circuit and then view the... see more

This text covers the theory and application of discrete semiconductor devices including diodes, bipolar junction... see more

This class will study the behavior of photovoltaic solar energy systems, focusing on the behavior of "stand-alone"... see more

6.831 introduces the principles of user interface development, focusing on three key areas: Design: How to design good... see more

This graduate seminar is taught in a lecture and lab exercise format. The subject matter is tailored to introduce... see more

This course covers foundations, practices, and creative techniques in audio recording and music production, including... see more

This class introduces students to the interdisciplinary nature of 21st-century engineering projects with three threads of... see more

This subject is aimed at students with little or no programming experience. It aims to provide students with an... see more