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This course introduces the piping skills needed to install and repair refrigeration systems. This course also will... see more

In KACC 0205 you explored the exciting area of basic electricity. Now in this course you are going to apply those... see more

This course will prepare you to take the required EPA Section 608 Certification. Section 608 of the US Federal Clean Air... see more

Prepares the student for the skills of handling customers, coworkers and others in a positive and productive manner.... see more

This course introduces the theory and applications of combustion heating systems. Students learn principles of natural... see more

In Basic Refrigeration you will be exploring the theory of heat transfer and the principles of refrigeration. Because air... see more

Someone once said "Love makes the world go round", but in the HVAC world "It Is electricity that makes everything go... see more

In this course you will be introduced to safety rules and practices that apply to the HVAC Industry. Occupational safety... see more

This tutorial shows some of the specific features of the bibliographic database and search system Scopus.   In this... see more

Bone formation, remodeling, mineralization, resorption, and healing processes involves a coordinated action of different... see more

The study was aimed to evaluate the effect of Consciousness Energy Healing based vitamin D3 and DMEM medium on bone... see more

Bone disorder like osteoporosis is an important risk factor for fragility fractures. The main objective of this study was... see more

This is an interesting site about Reiki Training.  It provides information about taking energy from the universe and... see more

American Holistic Health Association is a nonprofit offering a free, impartial clearing house for finding self-help... see more

This website allows you to run the URL of a YourTube clip through it to unclutter the page from other YouTube clips and... see more

The quality of life after rapid bone loss among individuals is one of the key health issues today, which might be due to... see more

Bone formation, remodeling and healing processes involves a coordinated action of different cell types. Vitamin D and... see more

The aim of the present experiment is to define the potential of Consciousness Energy Healing based vitamin D3 and DMEM... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a political science course for undergraduate political science and public... see more

These open resources are being utilized in a Wildlife Crime course for undergraduate students by Nerea Marteache, Ph.D.... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a Multi-variable Calculus course for undergraduate students by Wai Yan Pong,... see more

These open teaching materials are being utilized in a Seamanship course for undergraduate students by Captain Britt T.... see more