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Cool site to learn about different elements

Windows-based simulations to model the approach to equilibrium are discussed and the software may be downloaded from this... see more

A review of intermolecular forces including ion-dipole, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding and dispersion forces. The author... see more

Part of a 2nd year course on first row transition metal chemistry. Spectra displayed using CHIME and JAVA applets... see more

Covers the fundamental concepts of acids and bases. Except for some stoichiometry and a discussion on pH, this section is... see more

These "units" are part of an online course in Chemistry. However, the textbook is incorporated into the course. The units... see more

This free and open online course in Chemistry was produced by the WA State Board for Community & Technical Colleges... see more

The Peng–Robinson cubic equation of state (CEOS) is used to calculate the inversion curve of the Joule–Thomson effect for... see more

This film briefly considers the nature of atoms as an introduction to an educational unit on the health effects of... see more

This film examines the process of radioactive decay as part of an educational unit on the health effects of ionizing... see more

This film explores the health effects of ionizing radiation (radioactivity). The film also examines methods for reducing... see more

This film examines exposures to alpha particles that are emitted from the nuclei of some heavy, unstable atoms. Major... see more

This site has a set of rules and guidelines to IUPAC naming of organic compounds.

Java software for drawing 2D chemical structures and interface to chemistry database.

Java software for displaying 3D chemistry. Since OpenSource excellent for extension in programming classes.

3-D interactive images of simple biological molecules. this site uses a java app, JMOL, to present the interactive 3-D... see more

Primary resource wherein Joseph Priestley defends the theory of Phlogiston, and attempts to falsify theories of... see more

Kaggle is one of the world’s largest data science communities with powerful tools and resources to help you achieve your... see more

A simple classroom lab which uses the enzyme Lactase to demonstrate the specificity of enzymes to a substrate (in this... see more

This site offers tutorials and practice problems covering general and organic chemistry. Also, there are many reference... see more

Flash videos of famous biologists lectures for Biology courses.

This web site is a periodic table of elements that includes information about each of the elements properties, health... see more

A library of three dimensional molecular structures. Structures available in GIF, VRML and PDB formats. Contains... see more

An important aspect of simple Crystal Field Theory is the orientation of the d-orbital lobes with respect to the position... see more