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Applet for demonstrating conservation of energy. Extensive explanatory text included.

This Java applet deals with the extreme cases of a collision process illustrated by two wagons: For an elastic collision... see more

This is an introductory lesson to graphs of motion for high school conceptual physics. It is designed as a first-day... see more

These notes constitute a general, non-calculus introductory physics course. They are based on lectures given through the... see more

Java applet to explain a peculiar motional effect of a ping-pong (table tennis) ball or a cue (pool, or billiard) ball.

The website is an online teacher resource wth over 200 lesson plans for physics topics

Middle school students use a roller coaster simulation to explore the concepts of potential and kinetic energy.

This website describes the work of the Dutch physicist, Theo Jansen, in designing a "new nature" or walking beach... see more

Select appliance, and see how much energy is consumed

This applet simulates the collision between two solid disks. Relative mass, impact parameter, coefficient of restitution,... see more

אוסף רביעי של הרצאות וידאו מתוך קורס חדו"א (חשבון דיפרנציאלי ואינטגרלי) 2 מוגבר. האוסף עוסק בנושא אנליזה וקטורית, ומכיל... see more

An Atwood machine for demonstrating the relationship between an unbalanced torque and rotational acceleration. The rope... see more

Applet demonstrates how friction affects the rolling motion of a ball down an inclined plane.

In this animation, students must determine what will happen to a spinning bicycle wheel, supported on one end of its axle... see more

Demonstrates the relationship between the radius of circular motion and the amplitude of the corresponding sine wave.

A Java applet for illustrating the relative motion of two cars with regards to braking.

A simple demonstration of circular motion. Extensive explanatory text included.

Extensive text description of circular motion.

A simple demonstration of the effect the coefficient of restitution has on a ball colliding with a wall.

Applet fires a ball at the outside perimeter of a wheel to demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum. Extensive... see more

Web assignment on the electric field using an embedded applet by Angel Franco Garcia. The user is presented with the... see more

HALOMDA is a private company dedicated to developing of educational software in Math and Sciences. The company?s leading... see more