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Demonstrates constructive and destrutive inteference of waves in a ripple tank.

These animated gif's show interference patterns between two point-source oscillators. Different separations and different... see more

This set of 10 lectures (about 11+ hours in duration) was excerpted from a three-day course developed at MIT Lincoln... see more

A simulation on the formation of shadow and dim light by an extended light source. The source can become point-like. Una... see more

Moire fringes arise from interference patterns that are generated when two similar grids overlap each other. The result... see more

Theory and applet for multiple slit interference.

This tutorial explores birefringence or double refraction of light when passed through a crystal of Iceland spar.... see more

This is a free, online textbook that is part of the Light and Matter site. This book covers the following topics: 1. The... see more

(From the author) The following movies show wave packets with various combinations of phase and group velocity. Each... see more

Physlet problems that relate to electromagnetic waves.

The light can be decomposed and filtered through a polarizing filter. Even the light that passes through the adhesive... see more

he prism tutorial explores how changes in the thickness and angle of incidence of a visible light beam affect how light... see more

Shows the relations between electric field, magnetic field and wave vectors when electromagnetic waves propogate through... see more

This interactive tutorial explores how changes to the incident angle and refractive index differential between two... see more

A new annotated guide to written, web, and audio-visual resources for teaching about planets orbiting other stars is now... see more

Basic tutorial on the fundamentals of the electromagnetic spectrum created by transitions in atoms.

Test yourself by solving a set of questions concerning laser technology, optical fibers, and nonlinear optics. The... see more

The Photonics Spotlight is a blog with the purpose of highlighting interesting news and useful information in the area of... see more

An interesting tutorial [and applet] that explores diffraction of light through an adjustable set of double slits (or... see more

An applet demonstrating reflection and refraction of a wave striking a boundary. User defines either an s-wave or p-wave,... see more

"This resource contains demonstrations used to illustrate the theory and applications of lasers and optics. A detailed... see more

דף מידע והמדגים את נושא אורכי הגל באמצעות יישום המציג מכשירים הפועלים בתחום אורכי גל מסויימים. מופיע במדור למידה מתוקשבת... see more

רעיונותיו של אלברט איינשטיין ממלאים תפקידים חיוניים במפגשינו היום יומיים עם הטכנולוגיה. מהתיאוריות שלו נולדו כמה... see more

האם הטכנולוגיה מתקדמת לקראת היכולת "להעלים" חפצים או להפוך אותם ל"בלתי נראים", בדומה ליכולת הקסמים של "גלימת ההיעלמות" של... see more