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OpenStudy is a place for students to go and study with others. Students are able to ask questions and have other students... see more

'Oppia Mobile is a mobile learning application from Digital Campus to run training content, quizzes and video content... see more

'Kids are using Instagram and Twitter in their daily lives outside of school, so why not let them use it for class... see more

This report 'makes the case that our nation’s leaders should not overlook the role mobile technologies can play, if well... see more

Podyssey is an online community where you can track, discover, and discuss your favorite podcasts with other podcast... see more

ECAR Research Report, September 2013. ECAR surveyed more than 300 institutions to assess the current state of mobile IT... see more

This is a presentation that was done at the 2014 NERCOMP Annual Conference. 'In fall 2013, Bay Path College launched a... see more

'While UNESCO research indicates that hundreds of thousands of people in countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria and Pakistan... see more

The website is part of a report by Florida's Laptops for Learning Taskforce, delivered in March 2004. The website... see more

'Pine Glen was very fortunate to receive 60 iPads this school year on two Bretford Power Sync Carts. The Carts will make... see more

Shindig is a turnkey solution for online video chat events. Its unique technology offers the dynamics of an in-person... see more

This is a presentation that was given at 2014 EDUCAUSE Connect: Chicago. The author has placed the presentation on this... see more

This is a case study in which Smart, a Phillipines telecome, partnered with schools to creat a new way of learning. 'In... see more

'The University of Maryland is in its third year of a mobility initiative that has encompassed everything from student... see more

'The primary focus of this presentation will be to offer an answer to a very complex question: What is the future of... see more

Mobile learning is increasingly an integral part of higher education, and colleges and universities developing mobile... see more

Get started using any of the apps with the handy Users Guide documentation. Download the app to your iPhone or Android... see more

'Schools across the country are increasingly starting to use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones as classroom... see more

'In 2008, we (Dominic Mentor and Nabeel Ahmad) were in the same educational technology doctoral cohort at Columbia... see more

This is a report from the Cajon Valley Unified School District (CVSD) experiment with mobile devices. 'The teachers who... see more

'With the unprecedented rate of technological change, it may seem nearly impossible to imagine what mobile learning will... see more

'This bulletin provides an overview of the current state of mobile learning in higher education, speculates onfuture... see more

'The Someday/Monday dichotomy captures one of the core challenges in teacher professional development around education... see more

'Imagine walking up to a stream. On the far side lies our ideal learning environment — student-centric, inquiry-based,... see more