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The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) is a database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all... see more

This database of thousands of photographs of plants also includes QuickTime Virtual Reality images of selected plants and... see more

eFlora is an online database of information about plants from different geographical regions - ranging from China to... see more

This web page was designed to teach students the  light-dependent reactions and light independent reactions of... see more

This site provides lecture notes in MS-Word and Adobe Acrobat format for General Biology, Plant Biology, Plant... see more

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Lesson Plan, Activity, Power Point Lecture, transpiration, transport, plants, water

This site consists of many kinds of materials on plants and provides search and downloads of lecture notes,... see more

Use this tutorial to explore the growth and division processes for plant cells -- interphase, mitosis, prophase,... see more

This website is an excellent resource for botanical scientists and professors. There are multimedia presentations about... see more

Farmers' Almanac web media site: "a compendium of knowlkedge on weather, gardening, cooking, remedies, managing your... see more

Gardening can be a therapeutic and relaxing activity that can help you connect with nature, thereby relieving stress. ... see more

Southwest Plant Selector offers expert-recommended xeric landscape plants. All plants in this app thrive on little or no... see more

"The fertilizer industry has experienced a remarkable growth and evolution in its productive facilities and technology.... see more

The objectives of this paper are threefold: (1) to assess the direction and magnitude of changes in agricultural... see more

This Farmers’ Agribusiness training course has been developed to help both farmers and farmer organisations. Its... see more

Students are helping NASA explore lunar plant growth through NASA's Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth... see more

The Agriculture Research Project is a collaberation of over 100 specialists working on 1200+ research projects organized... see more

'The Penn State Agronomy Guide is a comprehensive publication on crop and soil management and pest management for farms... see more

A website providing research-based information and decision-making tools for farmers, producers, and agricultural... see more

'Agrian Mobile, allows you to instantly find crop protection product information. Named as one of the Top 20 Agriculture... see more

'The AndMeasure tool allows you to measure distances and calculate area between points on a map. The tool has virtually... see more

'See for yourself how Apache sprayers from Equipment Technologies is redefining application with Apache on the Go. Learn... see more

'Simply put, plasticulture is the combination of two words, plastics and agriculture. It is defined as the use of... see more