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This comprehensive course on the visual system is designed to ground future researchers in the field of visual science... see more

Surveys general principles and specific examples of motor control in biological systems. Emphasizes the neural mechanisms... see more

This course considers the process of neurotransmission, especially chemicals used in the brain and elsewhere to carry... see more

This course considers molecular control of neural specification, formation of neuronal connections, construction of... see more

The course includes survey and special topics designed for graduate students in the brain and cognitive sciences. It... see more

This course deals with the specific functions of neurons, the interactions of neurons in development, and the... see more

Survey and special topics designed for students in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Emphasizes ethological studies of... see more

To provide instruction and dialog on practical ethical issues relating to the responsible conduct of human and animal... see more

An opportunity for graduate study of advanced subjects in Brain and Cognitive Sciences not included in other subject... see more

Humans are social animals; social demands, both cooperative and competitive, structure our development, our brain and our... see more

This course develops the fundamentals of feedback control using linear transfer function system models. It covers... see more

This course is an introduction to principles of materials science and cell biology underlying the design of medical... see more

This course serves as an introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system. Emphasis is placed on the... see more

Collaboration can be effectively used to improve the quality and quantity of education in online learning environments.... see more

In this lecture, Professor Brieger discusses some of the lessons he learned during his 26-year experience working in... see more

The workshop is intended for Doctoral students in the health and social sciences who are at the stage of developing a... see more

In 1999, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) adopted two policy statements, drafted by a Special... see more

Introduction to applied linear algebra and linear dynamical systems, with applications to circuits, signal processing,... see more

Introduces the basic methods for infectious disease epidemiology and case studies of important disease syndromes and... see more

This intensive micro-subject provides the necessary skills in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet modeling for ESD.71... see more

Introduces issues and programmatic strategies related to the development, organization and management of family planning... see more

Provides an understanding of the complex and challenging public health issue of food security and in a world where one... see more

The course covers basic concepts of biomedical engineering and their connection with the spectrum of human activity. It... see more

Introduces and examines the basic prinicples which guide growth and development and the health of individuals across the... see more