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This course covers the analytical, graphical, and numerical methods supporting the analysis and design of integrated... see more

This course introduces the basic driving forces for electric current, fluid flow, and mass transport, plus their... see more

This seminar-format course provides an in-depth presentation and discussion of how engineering and biological approaches... see more

This subject deals primarily with kinetic and equilibrium mathematical models of biomolecular interactions, as well as... see more

This course covers the following topics: conduction, diffusion, convection in electrolytes; fields in heterogeneous... see more

This course, intended for both graduate and upper level undergraduate students, will focus on understanding of the basic... see more

This course focuses on the fundamentals of tissue and organ response to injury from a molecular and cellular perspective.... see more

This course teaches the design of contemporary information systems for biological and medical data. Examples are chosen... see more

This course covers the analysis and design at a molecular scale of materials used in contact with biological systems,... see more

This subject describes and illustrates computational approaches to solving problems in systems biology. A series of... see more

An introduction to the principles of tomographic imaging and its applications. It includes a series of lectures with a... see more

The central theme of this course is the interaction of radiation with biological material. The course is intended to... see more

22.56J aims to give graduate students and advanced undergraduates background in the theory and application of noninvasive... see more

Ecologies of Construction examines the resource requirements for the making and maintenance of the contemporary built... see more

In this class, concepts of building technology and experimental methods are studied, in class and in lab assignments.... see more

This course provides students with a basic knowledge of structural analysis and design for buildings, bridges and other... see more

This course addresses advanced topics in structures, exterior envelopes and contemporary production technologies. It... see more

This course will introduce students to architectural design and computation through the use of computer modeling,... see more

This course covers the principles of main group (s and p block) element chemistry with an emphasis on synthesis,... see more

This course in crystal structure refinement examines the practical aspects of crystal structure determination from data... see more

This course deals with a more advanced treatment of the biochemical mechanisms that underlie biological processes.... see more

Laboratory Chemistry (5.310) introduces experimental chemistry for students requiring a chemistry laboratory who are... see more

5.311 is the first of a three-term laboratory subject sequence for chemistry majors. Experimental work emphasizes... see more

This course, which spans a third of a semester, provides students with experience using techniques employed in... see more