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Exploring "Thomas Jefferson, his slave and mistress Sally Hemings, their descendants, and the mysterious power of race,"... see more

A BBC website featuring Dr. Anthony Giddens, a prominent sociologist from the the London School of Economics, giving a... see more

An extensive list of physics demonstrations, with descriptions, aimed at those needing new ideas for demonstrating basic... see more

An extensive table of 1986 CODATA numerical constants used in physics.

An interactive timeline marking the major achievements in physics between 1896 and 1995, this site features a search... see more

Java applets to help understanding of some basic physics ideas. Applets deal with simple harmonic motion, wave motion,... see more

This online tutorial explains the theory of Brownian motion. Illustrations of this motion are provided by both a movie... see more

Watch alpha particles scatter from atomic nuclei. Lecture notes and source code available (at... see more

Dipslays the scattering of alpha particles off of a nucleus. Lecture notes and source code available (at... see more

Medical exam procedures-text with accompanying procedures. Methodical examination of patients from head to foot.

This guide provides a structure and case study material for a computer-based course in ichthyology for upper... see more

Here is a great site for statistical analysis. There are colorful presentations and explanations in "suggested learning... see more

This is a series of video lectures featuring a diverse group of speakers with a range of topics. The videos require Real... see more

This service may be of interest to students and faculty: a panel of about 50 linguists answer questions from the public... see more

For people interested in learning more about apes and links to humans, this site presents "comparisons of the social... see more

Including information about the most recent earthquake, this web site explores the Mojave. An online field trip, with a... see more

The Princeton Dante Project combines a traditional approach to the study of Dante's Comedy with new techniques of... see more

Using literary maps and photographs, this Library of Congress site documents the connections between America's geography... see more

Pictures, maps and text are offered to the visitor who can take a quick tour or choose fulll information about the... see more

This document is the product of the University of Illinois Teaching at an Internet Distance Seminar. The group met... see more

A photographic and textual essay about the building of the Century Freeway through the greater Los Angeles, California... see more

This site provides monthly stock prices and index values that can be used with excel to compute company betas. The... see more

Tutorials and interactive quizzes covering basic chemistry, metabolism, enzymes, energy, & catalysis, large molecules,... see more

Excellent resource to support student stock portfolio management. Helps understand the stock market, terminology, stock... see more