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This site contains the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices that are submitted annually by the U.S. Department of... see more

This tutorial explains the importance of Barriers to Entry and provides examples of some. There are also additional links... see more

The Index of Economic Freedom is a reference guide to the world's economies. It includes country-by-country analyses and... see more

This site contains a description of India's economy, from the years 2002-2007. Factors contributing to its rapid growth,... see more

An Indian scientist embeds a high-speed computer in a wall bordering a slum, turns it on, and watches what happens as... see more

This is a good source for maps of the world. There are regional maps as well as maps of individual countries. One can... see more

The Mission of Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is to advance the work of progressive organizations and... see more

This site is dedicated to the advancement of better working relationships between North Americans and Latin Americans.... see more

This interactive map quiz can be downloaded to one's own computer. Students can learn to place the countries in the... see more

This interactive map enables students to practice their skills of identifying countries in Asia. The free software can be... see more

This free software can be downloaded to one's own computer. The student has to place each country in its proper location.... see more

This free software can be downloaded to one's own computer. The student has to place the country in its correct location... see more

This interactive resource enables one to search for the evaluation of the following governance indicators: Voice and... see more

This interactive map enables the user to highlight any country in the world.  Once selected, one receives information... see more

This site contains correct postal addresses, an explanation of the address elements, and and explanation of salutations... see more

It contains specific case studies for International Business

This is an informational website which provides educational case studies and references to hundreds of websites related... see more

This site, sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, describes the sources of international law... see more

The founders of this site promote project management professionalism while adhering to specific cultural requirements, in... see more

This site provides links to countries around the world. For each country, there are links to global security statistics,... see more

Historically, international trade has played a critical role in enabling countries to grow, develop, and become... see more

This website has links to a number of industries that are involved in trade. In some cases, information is supplied... see more

This lesson explores the relationship between productivity and international trade. Students will be able to Explain why... see more

This is a complete table of contents for problem sets or exercises associated with each chapter of a textbook on... see more