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" Algebra for College Students is designed to be used as an intermediate level text for students who have had some prior... see more

CK-12 Foundation's Algebra FlexBook is an introduction to algebraic concepts for the high school student. Topics include:... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered in conjunction with MIT's OpenCourseWare.  "Over the last 100 years, the... see more

This is a free, online textbook that is a wikibook.  "This book will help you learn how to do mathematics using Algebra.... see more

Real and complex number systems, graphs, inverse functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and... see more

"Here are my online notes for my Algebra course that I teach here at Lamar University, although I have to admit that it’s... see more

This free and open online course in Elementary Algebra was produced by the WA State Board for Community & Technical... see more

"This book is an introduction to linear algebra, based on lectures given by me over 17 years, in the (now defunct) first... see more


Please see this pdf:

A textbook that covers the traditional topics studied in a modern prealgebra course, as well as topics of estimation,... see more

his text provides the reader with a solid foundation of the fundamental operations and concepts of matrix algebra. The... see more

Free online Flash game teaches how to plot points on the coordinate plane.

This textbook contains 9 chapters including exercises and solutions. Topics covered are: Number Systems, Solving... see more

This free and open online course in Linear Algebra was produced by the WA State Board for Community & Technical Colleges... see more

Intermediate Algebra carefully builds on the basics learned in Elementary Algebra and introduces the more advanced... see more

This is a free, online wikibook, so its content is continually being updated and refined.  According to the authors,... see more

From the preface: “This is a book on linear algebra and matrix theory. While it is self-contained, it will work best for... see more

This one page document explains the basics of matrix multiplication. It uses illuminated text animations to help students... see more

Free online games for teaching and learning the place value concept in Math, for second and third grades (primary... see more

* An introduction that appeals to the reader's reason rather than to her/his ability to memorize. * A complete tool for... see more

Este sitio amplía las relaciones unidireccionales existentes entre los sistemas lineales que solucionan ecuaciones,... see more

The sitcom, "The Simpsons" "contains over a hundred instances of mathematics ranging from arithmetic to geometry to... see more

In this two-player game, players take turns assigning a value to one of the entries in a three by three matrix. Player N... see more

'Taking algebra? Then you need the Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant. This definitive app for algebra--from the world... see more