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This site provides a movie depicting the steps involved in formation of long terminal repeats in a retrovirus. This site... see more

Great simulation explaining how the sodium-potassium exchange pump in the cell membrane works, good voice tutorial,... see more

You are a virus infecting humans. Survive by making your human host sneeze at the right time at the right place,... see more

This animation provides a representation of the process of spermatogenesis, sperm cell development. 

Demonstration of Streak Plate material

This simulation provides students with information relating to the streak plate test. There is also step-by-step... see more

Interactive food science module trains high school and college students in basic laboratory techniques for measuring corn... see more

This animation provides a beautiful representation of the Cori Cycle. The Cori Cycle is a pathway in carbohydrate... see more

The Institute for Molecular Virology site at the University of Wisconsin hosts Virus World, which presents tutorials on... see more

This site includes a video that is presented as part of the Annenberg Foundation series on "The Unity of Living... see more

This animation explores the process of gastrulation. The animation shows the formation of the blastula in a cavity called... see more

The Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) provides ribosome related data services to the scientific community, including... see more

This site offers high quality microscopic movies of pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella infecting host cells.

In this animation, students will learn about the Sec pathway and the TAT pathway in bacteria. These two bacterial... see more

The TC-DB website details a comprehensive database for membrane transport proteins classified through the Transport... see more

This animation follows the TB infection timeline. The animation shows how bacteria infect and divide and also includes... see more

Escherichia coli (E. coli) infections are the major health concern, as it causes infections in human mainly in urinary... see more

Interactive module in which students practice using a microscope in a food science laboratory. Mobile version available... see more

Vesicles are minute, membrane-enclosed sacs that transport material within the cell. In this animation, students will... see more

In this 6-minute YouTube video, Biology Professor describes the major differences in Gram-Positive bacteria cell walls... see more

Two leading virus researchers explain how they use both simple and sophisticated technologies to detect and fight... see more

During the Virtual Cell Tour, students will be able to learn the basic functions occurring within the cell as well as the... see more

Multiple virtual labs hosted by New Mexico State University - this one is how to culture bacteria from food or... see more

Interactive food science modules trains high school and college students in using basic disposable laboratory equipment.... see more