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This tool is useful for introducing students to the concept that light or electromagnetic waves pass through different... see more

This lesson guide includes six simple and quick activities to help learners better understand Bernoulli's Principle. The... see more

In this activity related to flight, learners conduct two simple tests to explore how lift works. In "Use Your Lips to... see more

In this quick activity (page 1 of PDF), learners will witness firsthand the effects of Bernoulli��_s Principle by... see more

This is an online game about the complexities of farming. Learners will "draw" cards and make decisions about how to take... see more

As a group, learners investigate three packages which are all the same size and shape, but have different contents. One... see more

This is an activity about waves. Using marbles, paper clips and rubber bands, learners explore how waves behave. This is... see more

This simulated balance beam illustrates binary mathematics. You have a set of weights and the goal is to match an unknown... see more

In this activity/demo, learners investigate biobarcodes, a nanomedical technology that allows for massively parallel... see more

Gel electrophoresis is used in many areas of biotechnology and forensics. It is based on the concept that mixtures of... see more

BioTrek is the science outreach program of the Biotechnology Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University... see more

In this activity, learners observe as soap bubbles float on a cushion of carbon dioxide gas. Learners blow bubbles into... see more

This is a virtual representation of a sound mixer containing pre-looped sounds of animal, insect, and environmental... see more

'You get to be the scientist in the "Build It Yourself: Satellite!" game! Choose what science your satellite will be used... see more

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers has recently added a new feature, Career Choices for Chemical Engineers, to... see more

In this activity about the circulatory system and space travel (on page 38 of the PDF), learners use water balloons to... see more

Learners see that a carrot slice sinks in fresh water and floats in saltwater. Considering the placement of the carrot... see more

Learners investigate how the temperature of water affects its density. Learners place colored hot and cold water in a cup... see more

Learners see that a can of regular cola sinks while a can of diet cola floats. As a demonstration, bubble wrap is taped... see more

Learners will see that changing the shape of an object, like a clay ball, that is more dense than water, can affect... see more

This activity examines the characteristics of light. Students demonstrate that light travels straight and does not bend... see more

This review provides many details about chemical reactions and the components involved in order to make one happen, such... see more

Shockwave animation for acid-base reactions at the molecular level

This applet allows students to build atoms by combining different amounts of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The atomic... see more