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This learning object outlines the proper guideines for nurses communicating with someone whose primary language is... see more

Wounds is the peer-reviewed journal in app form. This journal offers important insights and articles into the world of... see more

"Who should make the ultimate decision about life-saving measures in the case of a very premature baby? The learners read... see more

This is a free app found in the Google Play android app store.  This is a rotating 3D model of the brain which labels... see more

Discusses health disparities between Black and white Americans, including origins, current statistics (2007), and ways... see more

The U.S. National Institutes of Health, through its National Library of Medicine, has developed to... see more

Hope in Action is an 18-minute video highlighting a research study that explores the role that hope plays for family... see more

High blood pressure and hypertension are terms used interchangeably. Blood pressure is a measure of the force against the... see more

A 7 minute 50 second YouTube video demonstrating how to assess blood pressure, pulse,and respirations. The video was... see more

A gateway site with links to the most recent and accurate cancer information from the National Cancer Institute which is... see more

The Pump Pump Pumps Your Blood song explains how the human heart works - how the heart routes Blood through the human... see more

This site contains links to information about genetic and rare conditions. The home page has an extensive, alphabetical... see more

A learning resource regarding Asthma and ways of treating; as well as preventing the triggers of the disease.

Power Point presentation on the pathophysiology and care of a patient with ICP, head trauma, and tumors.

The site provides clincial practice guidelines from the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Users can... see more

This is a learning material about congestive heart failure

An excellent site that provides information on eleven of the common communicable diseases. The site provides slide,... see more

Entertaining powerpoint slide show covering pharmacology of the neuromuscular blockers

A nice overview of scoliosis, including classification of the condition and x-ray studies .

This is part of the "Why the Topic of Bioethics in Science Courses" series. In addition to explaining methods of... see more

A nice description of abnormal pap smears as well as the new classifications. Link to articles and quizes are also... see more

The site provides a basic lecture on sexually transmitted diseases of bacterial origin.

This learning resource is a 5-minute animation about calcium channel blocker in YouTube. Learning about calcium channel... see more

An online game and simulation of ECG dysrhythmias. The learner has the opportunity to identify, analyze and interpret... see more