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Study the Turkish language and the culture of Turkey online.

Vocabulary, grammar and cultural information about Breton and the Breton languages.

Tracta sobre un dels recursos tipogràfics més emprats: la lletra cursiva. S'expliquen els usos principals i d'altres de... see more

Tracta sobre alguns dels recursos tipogràfics més emprats: concretament, les cometes i la lletra versaleta. S'expliquen... see more

En aquest vídeo s'explica un ús incorrecte de l'infinitiu: l'anomenat "infinitiu imperatiu". Va adreçat a persones que... see more

En aquest vídeo s'explica un ús incorrecte de l'infinitiu: l'anomenat "infinitiu substantivat". Va adreçat a persones que... see more

Uzbek listening activities with audio and video.

Online Uzbek-English Dictionary produced at CTILD.

Pràctiques per tal d'assolir l'ús del determinant 'gens d'/de' seguit de substantius incomptables com ara 'sort', 'son' o... see more

This program provides learners of Vietnamese with helpful reading strategies, four reading lessons (three at the... see more

Audio and video materials for teaching and learning Norwegian.

This is the page for people who need basic information about Finland.

This is a searchable Yiddish/English dictionary. One may search by any word or phrase in either language, as well as by... see more

The Yiddish Radio Project preserves recordings from the golden age of Yiddish radio (1930s-50s). Online exhibits include... see more

This web form interconverts various representations of Yiddish text. You can input in YIVO transliteration, Microsoft... see more

Yorùbá101 now offers you the chance to become a Legend! It's simple. Learn the basics of Yorùbá Language using over a... see more

An app with games to help users learn Yoruba

Yorùbá Yé Mi is an interactive, communicative, introductory, open access textbook and multimedia program intended to... see more

The Yorùbá Yé Mi textbook, combined with an open access, multi-media website at, is an... see more

A very comprehenisve list of online dictionaries for over 250 languages. Based on a list created by R. Beard of Bucknell... see more