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Chenwen is a China portal based in France. This site is all about the Chinese new year.

Fabula is a non-profit resource and meeting place for researchers seeking to spread scientific information and knowledge... see more

moreVocabulary, LLC specializes in foreign vocabulary learning software. We target a global market of more than 50... see more

Teach or learn a modern foreign language with the help of our colourful picture vocabulary language flashcards in... see more

This course addresses the place of contemporary queer identities in French discourse and discusses the new generation of... see more

במשימה זו התלמידים נכנסים לנעלי אחת מדמויות המחזה וכותבים את יומנה האישי. התלמידים משתמשים בכלי הנפוץ בימינו, ה"בלוג"... see more

All of the French national symbols in a site useful for French language and civilization courses. There is a MERLOT... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle. Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

Latin expressions commonly used in French literature are translated, classified and explained on this site. Examples from... see more

In this longer activity, students will first read a biographical photo essay from Civilisation Francaise, a website in... see more

In this jigsaw activity, a group of 20 students will read a French language short story entitled "Le Génie du Manguier."... see more

A virtual exhibit of seven gardens designed by the most admired of French "jardiniers", André LeNôtre. Includes... see more

Activities to stimulate conversation in French for various size groups. Instructions for activities, discussion leaders... see more

Choose from a variety of topics: theatre, art, tourism, gastronomy, music, travel, news and more. All to help you learn... see more

Searchable archives of the French television and radio from the origins to today. Users can preview video and audioclips... see more

Arteradio has short audio-clips on a variety of themes: news features, interviews, poetry, music and other audio samples.

A bank of learning assignments for FLE students

BBC provides international news, analysis and information in English and 42 other languages. It has a global network of... see more

A video introduction to beginning French language from the British Broadcasting Company.

Supersite for French links, resources, and pages.

This website offers online, complete versions of several of books - textbooks, glossaries, conference proceedings -... see more

Online French cookbook as useful for language instruction as it is for food preparation.

BRIBES : des citations, des maximes morales, des anecdotes humoristiques, des mots d'esprit... accessibles par un lexique... see more

Lectures on topics of interest to graduate students in French. Advanced level academic papers and interviews in the... see more