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This site presents resources that depict multiple viewpoints of data literacy.

Although numerous media literacy interventions have been developed and delivered over the past 3 decades, a comprehensive... see more

The Association of College and Research Libraries' Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education outline... see more

The International Computer and Information Literacy Study sheds light on students’ knowledge and abilities in the key... see more

I-Search is "an approach to research that uses the power of student interests, builds a personal understanding of the... see more

The flipped classroom, a teaching method that delivers lecture content to students at homethrough electronic means and... see more

This report addresses three research questions: When do you believe technology enhances learning, and when do you believe... see more

This site shares our experience in using Zoom at California State University, Monterey Bay, to overcome common... see more

This toolkit provides the foundational "habits of mind" or skills that underlie approaches to effectively interacting... see more

The Canadian School Libraries Research Archive makes scholarly and practitioner research from all Treasure Mountain... see more

This collection, collated in Zotero, includes articles and other resources to help academic librarians teach diverse... see more

Project Look Sharp provides materials, training and support for the effective integration of media literay with critical... see more

This research study found that people have poor ability to identify whether a real-world image is original or has been... see more

This BBC article shows how to spot fake photographic images.

This website explains why people create fake images and how to identify them.

These guidelines articulate the range of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to effectively useprimary sources.... see more

The international website serves as a clearinghouse for resources on media and information literacy.

An international review of library-related research to promote reading and literacy.

This work gives an overview of the information landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand. It provides readers with a broad base... see more

This set of tutorials from the University of Arizona LIbraries gives guidance on key concepts, using databaess, writing... see more

This OCLC Research Report challenges the digital natives vs. digital immigrants paradigm; that is, the common assumption... see more

This study compares the academic outcome measures, retention, GPA and hours earned, of students who received library... see more

The Pacific Northwest OER Directory is a curated list of resources and toolkits, people, and distribution lists for... see more

SOLO, which stands for the Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome, is a means of classifying learning outcomes in... see more