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Prior research suggests that firms owned by women and minorities are smaller, less profitable, and less growth-oriented... see more

The goal of this paper is to examine the impact of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on the investment strategies of young... see more

In this paper we analyze the frequency and information content of small Nasdaq stock trades and their impacts on return... see more

The advent of the Internet has opened many opportunities for bankers to access new customers, increase convenience and... see more

Competition, sportsmanship, and national pride are the foundations of the Olympics, but how much do the Olympics cost the... see more

Recent evidence from U.S. markets shows that IPO underpricing is associated with high liquidity for issuing firms. One... see more

For venture capital firms, facing undiversifiable risks, multi-staged financing is an optimal contract which offers... see more

The output gap is one (of many) economic indicators used by economists to measure the strength of the economy. What... see more

The Piggy Bank Primer: Budget and Saving e-book for 7 through 9 year olds uses a story, activities, and puzzles to... see more

Are many products made in the United States anymore? As it turns out, yes. In fact, U.S. manufacturing output is near its... see more

The cost of a college education seems to be skyrocketing—but is it really? Learn about the concept of price... see more

This study examines the extent to which individual demographic characteristics of owners influence capital structure... see more

The familiar magnetic stripe credit cards used for decades in the United States are being phased out. Read about the new... see more

In this paper we look at the effects of bargaining power on the types of entrepreneurial projects chosen by venture... see more

We examine whether and how investors' reliance on financial information is affected by the rate of sales growth of a... see more

One of the most common forms of teaching virtual work skills is a virtual team project, in which students collaborate... see more

Often economists are asked to value business. Many times the information provided is minimal and of questionable value.... see more

Often economists are asked to value business. Many times the information provided is minimal and of questionable value.... see more

Modern economies rely heavily on financial intermediaries to channel funds between borrowers and lenders. In the February... see more

This paper examines the structure of debt covenants in small firms, with emphasis on privately owned firms. It is based... see more

The need to finance high growth and manage the interests and needs of investors makes value creation a critical concern... see more

Indian venture capital industry is now considered as one of the predominant players among South Asian countries. As India... see more

Despite widespread interest in the key role that venture capital plays in financing young, high-tech firms, little is... see more

The globalization of capital flow has resulted in an increasing number of firms choosing to cross-list their stocks in... see more