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This website focuses on claims about the black community in public debate.

FactCheck is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. They state their mission as follows: "We are a nonpartisan,... see more

Canada's political fact-checker: Independent. Transparent. Non-partisan.

This webinar discusses fake news in terms of media literacy, and addresses gender issues throughout the presentation.

This webpage from Journalist’s Resource has compiled studies that examine fake news and the spread of misinformation more... see more

The honest truth about fake news and now not to fall for it. This article includes a lesson plan and links to other... see more

This community college library guide lists sites to help students evaluate news sources, and suggests assignments on... see more

This Library Guide provides tools and resouirces for identifying and combatting fake news.

This interactive comic is your introduction to finding digital images at the UCLA Library and beyond! It covers how to... see more

The purpose of this guide is to help users navigate through the many print and electronic news related resources.

This LibGuide from Saint Leo University provides an overview and lessons for the ACRL 2016 Information Literacy Framework... see more

2015 Information Literacy framework, as developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries, fosters deep... see more

A BBC news video segment about the changing format and delivery of news. it includes issues such as censoring,... see more

This study examined the use of metacognitive activities as embedded support in reading online text.

Working to make the online world safer for kids and their families through enlightened public policy, industry best... see more

Google Expeditions enable teachers to bring students on virtual reality field trips (200+ expeditions) to places like... see more

These guidelines articulate the range of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to effectively use primary sources.... see more

H5P's Authoring Tool ( is used by the global Open Education and K-12 Education Community to create and... see more

This three-part self-paced course for K12 teachers gives an overview on digital citizenship; then suggests tools, skills... see more

Plagiarism is a common (and often misunderstood) problem that is often the result of a lack of knowledge and skills. The... see more

Digital Citizenship Utah Helping children navigate a digital world OUR MISSION EXAMPLES OF DIGITAL CITZENSHIP What is... see more

How Arguments Work takes students through the techniques they will need to respond to readings and make sophisticated... see more

This Channel 4 video shows three ways to factcheck fake news.

This classic book explains how statistics and data visualizations can be manipulated.