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In this animation, the process of sonication is examined to show how cells are separated by high-frequency sound waves.... see more

The Russian bacteriologist Sergei Winogradsky invented the Winogradsky column, which recreates the microbial community... see more

In the Light-driven Ion Pumps and Sensors animation, the Halobacterium species is the subject under study. Halobacterium... see more

Conventionally antibiotics were revealed by screening. This animation will concentrate on this method and how natural... see more

In the mitosis animation, students will be able to learn and view the processes involved in mitosis such as the nuclear... see more

In this animation, cellular respiration is discussed. The Big Picture tab focuses on the main stages that occur during... see more

High-throughput sequencing methods are used to sequence and analyze large genomes. This animation will focus on one... see more

Embryonic stem cells are the topic of discussion in this animation. Embryonic stem cells are capable of differentiating... see more

High temperatures generally denature proteins. However, some proteins can survive such conditions. In this animation, an... see more

This animation centers on Gregor Mendel’s law of independent assortment. During the animation, the foundation for the... see more

This animation focuses on the life cycle of a moss and how this life cycle, life all other plants, undergo alternation of... see more

This animation includes a reproduction of the experiment performed by Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl to determine... see more

In this animation, students will learn about the Sec pathway and the TAT pathway in bacteria. These two bacterial... see more

This animation centers on how gel electrophoresis is executed to separate fragments of DNA. The animation will also... see more

During this animated video, students will be able to learn about Gregor Mendel’s renowned two-trait breeding experiment... see more

This animation focuses on fixed behavior in herring gull chicks and how the scientist Niko Tinbergen constructed an... see more

Vesicles are minute, membrane-enclosed sacs that transport material within the cell. In this animation, students will... see more

This site provides an animation of oxidative phosphorylation which is the process that allows the formation of ATP as a... see more

This animation features information pertaining to electron transport in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. In particular,... see more

This animation provides a detailed depiction and description of how blood (deoxygenated and oxygenated) travel throughout... see more

Cells possess a variety of membrane proteins to carry solutes across the membrane. In this animation, the various... see more

This animation provides a re-creation of Gregor Mendel’s experiments and allows one to predict the outcome of two types... see more

This animation focuses on plant growth and how plants sense and respond to their environment. In particular, this... see more

In this animation, the movement of molecules across the cell membrane is discussed. The various modes of distribution... see more