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The Quest for a Better Future for Everyone - Poetry Presentation

Session on introduction to battery technology

The importance of educating young people through higher education and its effect on their lives cannot be overstated. The... see more

Poetry descibes the higher education situation and reforms required.

Poetry- Describes the philosophy of the mind

This presentation aims to provide recent & relevant information on the impact of science, technology, and innovation on... see more

When a super-prefix is added to the beginning of a word, it alters its meaning. It adds complexity to the scientific... see more

Beer is one of the favorite beverages produced by the fermentation of grains. The global production figures indicate an... see more

Modern chemistry is the basis of a worldwide industry concerned with almost every aspect of life, including building... see more

This slideshow containing 120 slides depicts the interconnectedness of law and chemistry and demonstrates the... see more

This is a poetry prsentation entitled "Clutches of Current Corona Cactus" Describes the current situation of corona... see more

This comprehensive course is designed to help learners to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude of learners in... see more

Describes the memories of grandpa stories at home.

Learning chemistry non-linearly often helps in understanding the subject matter in a better fashion. This slideshow is an... see more

Provides brief information about "International Days"

Provides academic laboratory safety aspects and impacts.

Interesting questions related to common instrument systems with a specialized approach is presented as a supplementary... see more

Comparison of natural and synthetic methods of nitrogen fixation has been presented to have a concise overview

Interesting direct questions related to common science branches with a specialized knowledge is presented

Background information and current research activity dealing with tetrametal planar clusters containing two capping... see more

Low valent transition metal cluster chemistry emerges as a major field in organometallic research. Metal clusters exhibit... see more

Teaching resource on lead acid battery