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This report provides an overview of the types of 15-credit strategies being used nationally, the research evidence on... see more

The authors use nationally-representative data and propensity-score matching methods to determine if academically and... see more

The authors examine whether and how specific institutional contexts shape student interactions with faculty. They... see more

Three female tenure-track faculty members at a Hispanic-Serving Institution explored how their cultural backgrounds... see more

This study examined the relationship between pre-tenure faculty members in different career stages during their tenure... see more

This article presents a literature review and synthesis of 252 publications, with the goal of informing scholars and... see more

The authors tested an intervention aimed at bolstering freshman students' sense of social. Students reviewed narratives... see more

This report is based on the National Black Male College Achievement Study, the largest-ever qualitative research study of... see more

A convenient response to the perennial problem of student dissatisfaction with academic advising is to simply say that... see more

This study tested the impact of a course redesign of a bottleneck General Chemistry course. The new design incorporated... see more

Students often complain about their perceived disconnect between the time and effort spent studying and their subsequent... see more

This study examines the connection between student academic success and information literacy instruction. Focus groups... see more

This study uses two national data sets to explore the relationship between faculty practices and student engagement. Our... see more

Approaches to classroom instruction have evolved considerably over the past 50 years. This progress has been spurred by... see more

This essay reports on innovations used by college teachers, and evaluations of their successes. Weimer contrasts the... see more

This paper provides a snapshot of emerging trends in mathematics teaching in higher education for STEM subjects (Science,... see more

The use of student-centered teaching approaches improves student learning and persistence in undergraduate science,... see more

We use unique data to examine how college students from low income families form expectations about academic ability and... see more

This article studies the determinants of college major choice by providing students experimentally generated information... see more

This report presents an examination of students' attrition from STEM fields over the course of 6 years using data from... see more

This study investigates whether differences in college major choice by gender, race, and ethnicity are present at the... see more

There are many factors that slow students' progress towards graduation. This paper examines graduating students' academic... see more

The academic momentum perspective suggests that the speed with which undergraduates initially progress in college... see more