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Technology-Enabled Learning Lounge is the MOODLE course site for the COL’s Technology-Enabled Learning initiative. With... see more

Information security underpins the commercial viability and profitability of enterprises of all sizes and the... see more

A collection of 50 online resources offering free e-learning courses. The collection first appeared in informED.

As part of the institutional capacity building programme to promote development and use of Open Educational Resources,... see more

Applying learning theories to design course content, instructional strategies, and assessment tasks. Designing an... see more

An online course focusing on the way learning theories and learning objectives affect instructional design and the... see more

A 8-week course with available materials on basic statistics. The course provides videos and readings and is delivered by... see more

A paper aiming to provide an understandign of the potential of the OER availability to be used in E-learning... see more

A self-contained, research-oriented course aimed at undergraduate students. The course's focus is on theoretical aspects... see more

This is a concise guide that brings together examples of good practices, ensuring e-learning materials are accessible and... see more